And Your Head Will Think

4 08 2008

Go hear and look at these wonderful pictures now.

I love this kind of work.

Whoa and nice.


Chris Wage Makes Me Laugh

24 06 2008

There are about 97 reasons I adore Chris Wage.

One of them is because he’s funny.

Why is this picture funny? Because the tag on it over at flickr say “these are not kittens these are children!!

I think he took this over at the RC and Moon Pie festival last weekend in Bell Buckle.

So, go buy some stuff from him and tell him I sent you.

$25 Dollars Without The Attitude

1 02 2008


Remember this postal worker? I had the pleasure of transacting business with her today. And when I say pleasure, I do not mean it.

I walked up to the counter, said hello (pleasantly), and told her I wanted to send my parcel priority mail with $25 insurance. Instead of asking me if I had anything liquid fragile, perishable, or hazardous1 in the mailer envelope, she said, “What have you got in there that’s worth $25?”

“It’s a photograph.”

“A photograph!?”

I had two trains of thought on this.

A. It’s ART!!! Of course it’s going to be insured, dippy postal person. Do not question this as Jane was giving you money.

My other line of thought was this:

B. My granddad was a rural postal delivery guy. I went on the route with him and he knew every dog’s name on his route and we would whirl through northwest Tennessee’s backroads with a saucy Chocolate Soldier and peanuts in my hands in a 1972 Scout which smelled like Winston cigarettes and ink. In retrospect, I think it was the abundance of ink in the huge canvas bags which held the mail.


His was a beige color if I remember correctly. Later on he had a baby blue Pacer which I ADORED. I loved my grandfather. He wore bright colored leisure suits usually in some shade of yellow and always ate bologna sandwiches for lunch covered with black pepper and mustard when he would get off the route. Yeah, he was one of a kind. The stories I could tell, yet I won’t, as he would haunt me.

Read Hillbilly Please everyday.

That is all.

Got A Camera?

27 01 2008

What Jack said (it must be link-to-Jack Lail day for me) and I agree this is utterly outrageous.

I guess you’d better throw away those photos of the White House and the Washington Monument and maybe Mount Rushmore just to be safe.

Here’s an experience of a Knoxville photographer taking photos at the John J. Duncan building downtown::

Go see what he found.

Mugshots Made Into Glamour Shots

27 01 2008

There are some great pictures and awesome photographers in this world.

And then there is photoshop.

Next time that you feel you will never take a good picture, remember that most of those magazine covers out there have had a team of graphic designers working their magic on them. It’s fine to believe in the illusion and I buy magazines too but don’t base your self worth on



Thus an example from Ironic Sans who has taken mug shots from celebrities and made them into glamour shots:

Foxy Brown’s Mug shot –>
Now head over to the website to see how photoshopping the photo even gives her a smile.
Don’t believe everything you see campers. Ironic Sans tears up the myth.

Last Moments

28 12 2007

I’ve been on the scene of car wrecks and fires that still haunt me. But photo journalist John Moore’s photo essay and comments of the last moments of Benazir Bhutto’s last moments and the scene after the assassination is absolutely haunting to watch.

Not for the faint of heart, I assure you.

H/T to Yikes 101