The Good, The Bad And The Reality

1 12 2007

Ken Levine probably thinks I’m some sort of cyberstalker I’ve linked to him so much in the last couple of weeks, but this was too good to not link to. He is looking for some of the good stuff to come out of the writer’s strike which is pretty funny (and telling.)

The rest of the world has discovered that Nikki Finke’s website is the place to go for information.

YouTube videos have gotten much funnier now that David Letterman writers have joined the junior high nerds from Lancaster, Pennsylvania who normally contribute these comedy classics.

It hasn’t snowed.

Many writers are getting cardiovascular exercise for the first time since 1988.

I got mentioned in Rolling Stones magazine (but I haven’t seen it yet so I’m not certain it’s a good thing).

There was a rally to salute the veteran writers although I could have lived without the phrase “meet the writers from YESTERYEAR.” It makes it sound like we’re all the Lone Ranger.

There are quite a few more. Levine is saying that the new negotiations aren’t all that great.

With this said, wasn’t Leno giving out doughnuts out a few weeks ago? It looks like some of his staff aren’t going to be having a great Christmas.

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) – A couple of days after the Writers Guild of America strike began November 5, the star of “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno” told some 80 of his idled staffers that they need not worry about their finances.

Leno was so adamant about paychecks being safe, many didn’t bother looking for new jobs even though NBC was forecasting layoffs.

So it came as quite a shock Friday when the entire staff was told that they were not only out of a job but also that they weren’t guaranteed of being rehired once “The Tonight Show” returns.

UPDATE: Leno decided yesterday to help out his employees. Happened after I wrote the post. Trying to be fair. Now back to our original post. 

And we all know about Carson Daly, but Conan is paying some of his folks.

I’m thinking right now is crunch time in this strike. Without the writers, the other folks don’t have a job.

Let’s hope this gets resolved soon. Or you will be having to watch reality television starring David Hasselhoff. (Doh. That’s already happened. Never mind.)

With all of that said, I miss David Letterman, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert the most.

I haven’t ever watched Leno.

Just saying.