Bobblehead George And HAEA

5 09 2008

I’m posting about this because I know Jim and I dig him. He’s trying to raise awareness and some money for HAEA.

Here’s what’s up:

“Where’s Bobblehead George?”( the brainchild of Jim Reams, an avid sports fan and vice president at Nashville advertising agency Frank/Best International. He had a few business trips planned and decided to snap some photos of the diminutive head-bobbing statue to post on WordPress, a free blog service. Reams asked friends to take Bobblehead George on their trips and he put an email link on the site so people could send in their own submissions. It caught on quickly, and Bobblehead George has been spotted in Gatlinburg, TN, Las Vegas, Nags Head, NC, the San Diego Zoo and as far away as Italy and Greece. There’s even a picture of Bobblehead George with pop icon Jessica Simpson.

In less than two months, the site was ranked 74th on the WordPress “top 100 fastest growing blogs” list. Inspired by the response, Reams decided to put Bobblehead George’s popularity to good use and build a fully functioning website to raise money for a charity near to his heart.

“I have a seven year-old daughter, Sophie, who has Hereditary Angioedema,” says Reams. “It is an inherited disease that causes episodes of acute swelling and inflammation in various parts of the body, both externally and internally. It can be very painful and debilitating, and if it attacks the throat, even fatal. It is quite rare, and there is no cure. I thought maybe I could put Bobblehead George to work to help raise money and awareness.”

There is a lot more over there and, as I said, Jim is one of the good guys. Read what he has to say.


Ham Sushi Rolls

5 09 2008

I am constantly talking about the lack of Japanese food in Hoots. As I would eat it every single day if it was, there is a market for me here, but alas, we only have a Chinese restaurant who has a facsimile of California rolls on their buffet. Hell, its a whopping $2.73 for lunch so what the hay.

But this. Well, here are no words for this.

Yes, that would be ham.

I weep for our future.

BlogHer Nashville

5 09 2008

Once upon a time, there was this girl (well, actually a woman in her 40s) who started a blog to entertain herself. She wrote about politics, weird news, Bigfoot, Zombies, her dog Mabel and stuff that she found amusing. In the beginning, she was delighted as hell to get 25 readers a day and it made her happy.

Then her blog grew a little bit, which she credits to Nashville Is Talking and Brittney Gilbert to a large degree, and she made some friends in the blogging world. Her numbers grew a bit and she found that blogging made the whole world a bit smaller.

Over time, her readership continued to expand and she realized that the world of journalism, media and online networking was changing the game. She was old school, and likened herself to Carl Kolchak to a degree. She saw herself as a grizzled old-school kind of reporter but she knew the industry was changing. She preached about it to the locals, and although they didn’t always listen, she stood firm about what she believed.

She wanted to be a part of the bigger picture.

Nearly three years later, her audience grew a little bit more with the addition of utilizing Twitter. Bloggers she met became good friends, she was given opportunities that she never thought would be given to her in her wildest dreams and, believe me, it was of the good.

She is me.

I will be speaking at BlogHer on October 16 in Nashville. I’m so excited I can’t stand it in what looks to be two different panels.

I’m delighted.

And, to all of you, thanks for coming back here and hanging out with me. Without you, this wouldn’t be happening.

You guys are just incredible.

Feel Good Friday – Corey Smith Edition

5 09 2008

As I have been talking to you about the Soybean Festival going on here in Hoots, I found this video of Corey Smith, who played last night downtown.

Man, he was good. Better than good, actually. The video isn’t the best, but the song is fun.

I gotta tell you, I dug him. And his bass player was phenomenal. The coolest thing was during his sound check, we just sat and watched him. sitting alone on a bleacher. This, my friends, is when Hoots is fun.

Also, go with Badger Beth Happy Birthday today. She is turning 35.

And if you are one of the locals, buy her a beer.

A Black Man From Kenya, A White Man From Kansas

4 09 2008

Wow, this is big news.


H/T Ken Levine

Carnies, Politics And Rural Conversations

4 09 2008

I didn’t see Sarah Palin’s speech last night because I was watching the carnies work, drinking beer and taking pictures at Faith Night at the Tennessee Soybean Festival.

Now before all of this, I had a conversation with my retired alderman friend who I will call Bob because that is his name. He is a devout Republican, and other than tweaking my chains sometimes, we have some pretty good conversations.

We talked about economic development and that rural areas were suffering. He thought Sarah Palin got it, I said I wasn’t so sure about that. He kidded me that at least she wasn’t Muslim. I told him to stop that nonsense and he laughed because he was teasing me. I then asked him how he felt because he’s in his late 60s. He told me he was kinda tired and I came back at him that John McCain was three years older than him.

“Point taken,” he laughed. We do this. It’s fine and it’s between us.

Then we talked about local leadership and I asked him if mayors and reps and the like were being handcuffed to a degree due to the economy.

“They are,” he said. “Money trickles down. It always has. And it goes to where there is already money or a possibility of making money. We don’t have the money we once did. It’s a little bit scary.”

I love talking to people that, although ideologically we are completely different, we are the same in one respect and that is we like Hoots and we want to see it thrive. With the festival going on, there is a little bit of relief and hope of better things although it will be business as usual come Monday. We are anticipating 10,000 people tonight, Friday and Saturday.

This is good.

I wandered off to go see my beloved carnies, one who is apparently named Doorknob, but they were still having no part of me so I bought a polish sausage, took some pics and watched a band sing that was pretty good.

With that all said, I keep going back to my conversation with Bob.

We are all really the same in so many ways.

Grocery Store Blues

4 09 2008

Lynnster breaks it down.

You want my vote in the Presidential election?  Then tell me it is going to stop, and where it’s going to stop, and when it’s going to end, AND make it happen.

Read the whole thing.