Vols Loss Explained

2 09 2008

The Vol Abroad has it figured out.

Last year, following astute observation followed by scientific-like experiments, we discovered that if Buddy was wearing orange, preferably UT licensed gear, the Vols would do well. If, following, a spill, a spit up, or poo-splosion, Buddy had to have the orange removed – the Vols would falter. Several times we scrambled to find new orange to place on the sleeping child, and the Vols rallied. (This apparently only worked in regular season games, not in the SEC Championship game).

We now know. Send Buddy some UT stuff STAT!




2 responses

2 09 2008

Come late November, the “head honchos” on the hill need to end this nonsense. Coma they need to get in their precious little jet and fly over to South Carolina and bring the ol ball coach home!

2 09 2008
Don Jones

It seems to me, that Fullmer is or should be in trouble. Not because of the loss of one game. But, because they/he has not done/won anything since the National Championship”1998″. Think about it, examine his record, not too good ! Why is he still the Head Coach ? He makes mega bucks, Produce or go !
“Go Big Orange”

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