The Story About The Steroids

2 09 2008

I’m withdrawing from the steroids the doc gave me for my lung crud. If I haven’t told you before, I really, really, really hate taking steroids and I don’t know why anyone in their right mind would take these things to build themselves up. They make my brother-in-law, Squeegee Monkee, mean and they make me the equivalent of a nine-year-old girl who didn’t get the latest copy of BOP magazine.

I own it.

The worse part of the ‘roids is that it makes me hesitant and unsure. The emotional connotations that go with these tiny pills is just horrible. I hope that this will be the last time to take them for awhile. I hate feeling like I’m walking on eggshells in my own head. Of course, I know it’s the drugs but still, it ain’t fun.

Of course, I was taking them for medical reasons and the symptoms that go along with steroid use are insane. The worst part is it hits your hormone/chemical system with mad abandon, messing with not only your head but your body. Mood swings, my hair although I have an abundance of it, has been coming out in the palms of my hands and let’s not even getting into going into some angries that make no sense.

Once again, why in the world would someone take these in a non medicinal way boggles my mind.

Not Me

Not Me




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2 09 2008

The last time I had to take them was about a year ago, after a round of oral chemo. Oh Lord, was I horrible, I couldn’t stand to be around myself as I came off of them. Hope you’re feeling better soon!

2 09 2008

Thank God I only had a week of them but, dang, they suck. I am usually a pretty tough old bird but the steroids make me feel five and I’ve lost my doll or something.
‘Course, I never really had a doll as a kid but it’s the only metaphor I could come up with.
Thanks for the kind thoughts.

2 09 2008

The hormone swings that the thirties bring are enough for me, thank you.

I could have gone all my life without seeing that photo.

Glad you’re on the way to recovery,

2 09 2008

And the withdrawals suck too! Finished a round of ’em for my knee last week…my poor husband thought he was going to have to move out to his man cave for the duration.

I asked the same question! Why would anyone, IN THEIR RIGHT MIND, take ’em for fun? Criminy! Horrible experience, and I will die before I take those suckers again!

And yes, I could have lived the rest of my life quite happily without ever seeing such a picture. LOL

2 09 2008

I’m with you, Kate. They seriously suck. The withdrawals, which people don’t usually talk about, are a nightmare.


Yeah, the picture is a bit extreme, isn’t it.

2 09 2008

I am glad to hear that you are getting better but I will never vote you into the Hall of Fame now that we know for sure…lol

2 09 2008

heh. I wouldn’t vote me either.
Love, love.

2 09 2008

that’s disgusting

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