Amy Goodman Arrested

1 09 2008

What happened here? I saw Goodman in Memphis last year and she was really very interesting and I enjoyed her immensely.

What is going on?

SQ and I have watched this video several times and are asking “Why?”

UPDATE: She and two of her colleagues were released late last night. They were detained on “Suspicion To Riot” apparently.




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1 09 2008

Ahhh some days I hate Twitter … you Tweeted about this, and I set out to find more info. I then Tweeted my thoughts about what I found*. It was not directed at you or anyone you were Tweeting about it with. But someone took it as a direct response to whatever they said (which I did not see, they replied to someone I am not following so it did not come across my Twitter timeline). Something they said rang a bell with a rather nasty email I got yesterday, thus the third Tweet I made. Again, I wanted to be on record that aside from initiating my query for more information on the protesters arrest, nothing I Tweeted or posted had anything to do with what you have said.

*(It seems there is a fair sized contingent of anarchist, violent protestors there … tossing dumpsters onto police cars, throwing rocks, tossing buckets of pee … and the cops simply can’t keep up with who are the bad guys and who isn’t. So, they are clearing the streets and arresting all that do not move along. Sad, but true and the ones that should bear the blame are the ones that started the violent nonsense.)

1 09 2008

Krista at Slim Coincidence has a bunch of links — the cops started “sweeping” for potential trouble late last week so this has been building up for a while.

1 09 2008

‘Bout time we made them take us seriously.

This is only the beginning. Congratulation to our martyrs in Minnesota, someone needed to make a stand and the Trojan Horse method worked very well.

If Righty thinks this is bad, wait ’til November.

2 09 2008

Hey guys, thanks for the links and additional information.

2 09 2008
While I was Away… « DeMarCaTionVille

[…] attention to the whole mess out of bounds.  Rob Huddleston has wandered off to Minnesota where Amy Goodman was arrested because we’ve apparently decided to extend the war on terrorism to cover nuns […]

2 09 2008

a major part of law enforcement is knowing who is who. see that guy taking pictures? he’s not a criminal. see that guy throwing rocks? get him. if they can’t differentiate the two they don’t need to be wearing badges and wielding bats.

2 09 2008

“Suspicion to Riot.” This is where the Bush doctrine of pre-emptive attack gets us: you might, in the future, decide to break the law so we’re going to lock you up now just to make sure you don’t. The “suspicion to riot” law has been on the books for a long time but never used because of grave concerns with its constitutionality. Unfortunately, the RNC will have blown on out of town by the time that Minnesota taxpayers get socked with lawsuits over these arrests.

2 09 2008

Ooooooh, y’all.

If “Suspicion to Riot” can get one arrested and tossed in the pokey, y’all just stand by on Nov. 5 and watch for that funny-looking cloud here in the Nashville Basin if’n this election gets stolen again. That’ll be my head asplodin’. And then the fireworks will commence.

3 09 2008

Illegal detentions of journalists on fabricated charges aren’t supposed to happen in America. This is sickening.

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