Jon Stewart: You Might Want To Read This

31 08 2008

Jon Stewart doesn’t take a lot of dog dookie from anyone.

This morning, Jon Stewart sat in a laid-back breakfast get-together with some of the most accomplished and well-respected political journalists in print journalism and asked, “Why do I take this more seriously than you?”

And then he said this:

And while he did claim that the 24-hour news channels are ruining political discourse, he did not “declare his love” for newspapers. Not exactly. He did have a lot of great things to say about newspapers and for the reporters sitting around the table before him. But they were definitely not let off the hook.

“I can’t believe that, as reporters, you would walk into a ‘spin room’,” he said, amazed at the journalists’ willingness to swallow the bullshit that the campaign and candidates spoon feed them. “How can you keep talking to people who are lying to you?” he asked. “This loveless marriage [between reporters and politicians] has to be unconsummated.”

And then this:

I wish I had an exact quote for this, but I don’t, so here’s my best approximation: One of the guests asked, in all sincerity: I know you’re not running for office and this isn’t an off-the-record conversation, but what is the difference between us having off-the-record relationships with the candidates and sitting here talking with you this morning.

The room went quiet. Like I said, I couldn’t see Jon’s face, but the back of his head looked appalled and amazed. “Don’t give me that stare!” the question-asker demanded jokingly.

After a few back-and-forths in which Jon tried to make the reporter understand the absurdity of his question, Jon pointed out that, for a journalist, an inability to see the difference between talking to Jon Stewart in a room full of other reporters taking notes and shooting the shit with a man who may be given the authority to deploy American troops into another country is dangerous in the extreme.

The guest, obviously embarrassed, tried to justify his question by pointing out that though Stewart doesn’t have troops, he does have correspondents to deploy.

That’s your Fourth Estate at work, America.

It’s good. You might want to give it a gander.

Remember, Jon Stewart is considered the most Trusted Man In America.

And this is where traditional news just doesn’t get it.

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2 responses

31 08 2008
Sam Davidson

Thanks for sharing this. It’s outstanding. I read the whole thing.

31 08 2008

Thanks for the kind words, Sam.

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