Hurricane Gustav Watch

31 08 2008

Frank has a comprehensive list of media, online and twitter outlets specific to Hurricane Gustav, which at this moment is 466 miles from New Orleans.

It’s a good way to watch what’s going on and it’s a fantastic list.

Updated: RexBlog has a list as well that can assist with streamlining information about Gustav. As does BlogNetNews’ Louisiana and NOLA bloggers.

UPDATED AGAIN: Great article on resources and how social networking might be able to assist during Gustav. Go here.

And: Huffington Post is keeping up with the different stories and updates as is CNN.

UPDATED: Go here to see how you can help by blogging and Twittering.

UPDATED: The Gustav Wiki.

UPDATED: The Sun Times has comprehensive coverage. Good coverage and more from here.

UPDATE: Message from The Red Cross.

UPDATE: Kevin is in my feedreader and he brings us this. Good, comprehensive list.

UPDATE: More from the Bigmouth.

UPDATE: Sharon Cobb has more.

UPDATE: Reba has information on the Red Cross’ efforts in Nashville and in Tennessee.




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31 08 2008
Hurricane Gustav | African American Portal

[…] Hurricane Gustav Watch […]

31 08 2008

If I may, I’ve created a rather new website called Personal Hurricane I’ve recently added forecast tracks, computer forecast models, surface observations, radar and satellite imagery, and more. I believe this info will come in quite handy for this in the path of Gustav and Hanna (don’t foget Ike coming off the African coast!).

31 08 2008

Thank you, Tim.

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