Aimee Mann YouTube Contest

31 08 2008

On You Tube, there is a contest regarding Aimee Mann’s Freeway. This is the entry from Laura Carson, who hails from Hooterville. I’ve seen her sing several times and she really is amazing and it appears her entry is a hit on You Tube as well. The winner will get to perform with Mann and the video winner will go up at her website.

I see big things for this kid. She’s really good.

Hooterville has some talent, campers.




5 responses

31 08 2008

Somebody get that girl a record contract, stat! She’s fantastic!

31 08 2008

She is. Her mom works at the convenience store I frequent and was talking about it yesterday.
I’ve seen her perform before and she usually does her own stuff.
I agree, she needs a record contract and she truly is a wonderful story because she’s the real deal.
Trying to spread the word about her. I’d buy her CD.

31 08 2008

What? Talent here? I’ve been to the Soybean festival for the last few years and I find this hard to believe. This girl is good.

31 08 2008

She is.
Are you in town for the Soybean festival this year?

3 09 2008
Tennessee Soybean Festival ‘08 « Newscoma

[…] Hoots, we are holding the 15th Annual Tennessee Soybean Festival. (Incidentally, Laura Carson, who I pointed out on Sunday, didn’t win the Aimee Mann contest but did win the B….She’s also going to see her idol tonight in Nashville. So here’s a shout out for […]

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