The Vetting Of Sarah Palin

29 08 2008

Andrea Mitchell reported this evening that John McCain only met Sarah Palin once.

I met Elvis once or so they say. I was three and I don’t remember it.

I’m just saying.




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29 08 2008


29 08 2008

You can see the effects to this day, you have been blessed by the healing hands of his Elvisness…..

This, to me, explains your innate coolness, now I understand!

29 08 2008


Once? I wonder if Cindy believes that?
Ah well. He picked who he was told to pick and we knew he would.

Now, how ’bout that VP Debate. Joe Biden vs Mary Ann from Gilligan’s Island.

29 08 2008

If John McCain only met Sarah Palin once that is still one more time than any of you morons have… so what do you know?

29 08 2008

I’ve met Bobby Kennedy’s daughter Kathleen (once Maryland’s Lt. Governor) twice.

I’ve nominated her for Pope.

30 08 2008

Hi, I am from Alaska and Sarah Palin is wonderful. The only rotten deal is we will lose her here. She has no problems what so ever with standing up to anyone. She has strong moral character and is a working Mom, not from a rich family, she works to feed and take care of her family. She believes in the right to bear arms, the constitution, and off shore drilling. She knows her stuff and does it all with a baby on her hip. America is not only getting the best that Alaska has to offer but the very best of America itself. She is not afraid of anyone or anything and she will not only do well, she will blow your socks off. A beautiful gift from Alaska to America. God bless America and Sarah!!!

30 08 2008

I almost ran over Ethel Kennedy’s dog once. Does that count for anything?

30 08 2008

I think that wins the internet.

30 08 2008

“She believes in the right to bear arms,”

Just the arms? Why not the whole Bear?
You know, that’s discrimination against Bear Legs

Liberate the Bear Lips!!!!!

31 08 2008

oops, I thought you were interested, my bad

31 08 2008

Cathy, thanks for your insight.

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