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29 08 2008

To Katie Didn’t Do It

Via Left Wing Cracker




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29 08 2008

Actually, that was a purely mean spirited and downright ugly that post.

In fact, it was downright shitty. I think it means you all realize McCain made a good pick

And keep exposing America to that sort of ugliness. I hope you guys keep it up. Nothing could more guarantee a third straight Republican Presidential term.

29 08 2008

Whoa. Lee, I was introducing a Memphis blogger.
And, I love you and your Coors drinking ways, but Palin is the right pick if you want another Cheney because their politics are very similar.

Take care.

29 08 2008

Lee is a perfect example of why I live in Memphis. We may have a problem with crime, but at least we have civilization.

29 08 2008

You forget, I’m a conservative. I’m Pro-gun, and Anti-fetus killing. Someone who cares more about working people than the supposedly endagered polar bears.

I look at the economy strangling regulations to be implemeted if the global warming chicken littles get their way, and I see a hell of a lot more jobs going to Mexico or China.

And LWC, keep up with the liberal arrogance. It’s won many a conservative an election.

29 08 2008

Also, as a conservative, we don’t have our most prominent filmmaker, Michael Moore, going on our most prominent TV show, Countdown with Keith Olbermann, gleefully cheering on a hurricane to descent on New Orleans for political gain.

You all got some hate ridden sickos on your side. MWatch the tape, between 1:00 and 1:30 of the clip. You talk to me about civilization?

30 08 2008

Lee–Whoa, buddy,
Cracker and Coma are two of the nicest people in the Tennessee blogoshere on either side.
There are some true assholes on both sides, but they aren’t the two you’re picking on.

30 08 2008

I did not mean to direct my elbows to the jaws of Coma or LWC directly, though with forceful comments sometimes glancing blows are made. If I crossed some sort of line, then my bad.

I try to follow the 10-second rule before commenting, but sometimes. well, stuff happens.

I do believe there is arrogance on the left, and anger that often crosses that line into hate, and that the post Newsy linked to was a perfect example of that. Thus the rebuttal featuring Michael Moore rooting for a hurricane.

That said, I need to respect the vibe that is being set here, and I do apologize.

30 08 2008

Lee, it’s all groovy. We have to have the dialog. It’s good even if we disagree.

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