High School Teaches Great Things

29 08 2008

Next time, I would have the English teachers help the administration with the sign.



7 responses

29 08 2008

Hey, haven’t you ever Hade anything before?

I Hade stuff all the time. Hading is good for the sowul,

29 08 2008

My grandmother pulled my mother out of her elementary school and sent her to a different school after the teacher sent home a note saying “Cindee has trouble writing within the margerines.”

29 08 2008

Heh! Priceless!

29 08 2008
chez beziat

Goldnl’s comment scares the crap out of me. At least the sign in the picture we can blame on some students, right?

30 08 2008
lovable liberal

The illiterate are always with us.

Anyone else see Prescott High School’s sign promoting Christianity?

31 08 2008

The furst time I red that sign I thot Billie mite have ben in charg of it.

2 09 2008
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