MSM Coverage Of The Democratic Convention

28 08 2008

I had to abandon MSNBC and CNN during the convention speeches last night.

I’m one of those crazy chicks that wants to see what is actually being said in the speeches, not the pundits talking about their impressions of what is being said. I have turned my channel over to C-Span and DNC08 when it’s gotten so bad. I missed half of John Kerry’s speech because of the non-stop blustering of Wolf Blitzer. Same goes for Chris Matthews.

Last night, the oldest niece watched some of the convention with me talking over what was happening. It was much the same as what the Cable Newsers were doing.

She’s 12. I expect that from her.

I turned it back to MSM after the last speech because then, after the news was made,Ā  I did want to hear what the pundits were saying, but not while it’s going on. The arrogance of the news industry amazes me some times. Let the news happen.

Thank goodness for the Internet because I went back to find the speeches I missed to see what was going on.

I think this is an Epic Fail.




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28 08 2008

I’m a C-SPAN and PBS woman myself. I’d watch nothing but C-SPAN, but Joel likes a little bit of the Lehrer. šŸ™‚

28 08 2008

Straight C-SPAN for me too. I tried watching a little CNN and MSNBC Tuesday night, but gave up on ’em pretty quickly. Last night I didn’t even bother.

28 08 2008

My husband is an MSNBC guy, and between Matthews and him yelling at Matthews it’s hard to hear a thing. I change the station to C-SPAN and hide the remote.

28 08 2008

I echo Rachel’s comment — Jim Leher (sp?) doesn’t have to pump up his ego.

However, I do pop over to NBC to listen to Tom Brokaw. His voice makes me swoon… I’m still formulating a plan to stalk him when he’s in town for the Belmont debate šŸ™‚

28 08 2008

Beth, ewwwwww. Brokaw always sounds to me like he’s just holding back a burp. I don’t object to what he says — he’s still got a lot of the reporter in him and isn’t a gasbag. But I hate his voice. You can have him if I can stalk Rachel Maddow.

28 08 2008

I can tell you (but you already know), for us old schoolers, the yakking is annoying as hell. And those jokers don’t know anything more than anyone else, they just know how to say it more obnoxiously.

Thank God for CSpan.

28 08 2008

They know less than most, Slarti, because they are so in love with their own preconceived narratives that they don’t pay any attention to what’s actually going on.

28 08 2008

nm, deal. I’ve watched Brokaw since I can remember — I have a huge crush on him…

28 08 2008
jim voorhies

It’s so much easier if you don’t watch at all and just read about it online afterwards. That way you get to do something else. It’s almost like multitasking, without the screwing two things up at once.

31 08 2008
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