Road Trip Across Tennessee

27 08 2008

Memphis’ own Theo Geo, who is one of my favorite bloggers, is traveling the state of Tennessee. Her travels are here and you can see her photos, which are always wonderful and filled with such subtle context here.

Beauty beneath the surface and in the details.

If I were you, I’d get over there quickly.




4 responses

27 08 2008
Freaky Weasel

That’s just weird. Hellboy is showing in the Lincoln theatre…Lincoln was watching Hellboy when he was asassinated.

Strange stuff.

27 08 2008

I very much enjoy her blog and read it daily (among about 100 others). Very good stuff. Oh and I have been to the Lincoln before:

27 08 2008

Well, aren’t you a sweetheart?! *double-cheek smooch* I’m having a ball, despite getting very little sleep last night. 🙂

27 08 2008

If it all works out well and I can cough up my lungs properly, I may get to finally meet you tomorrow night.

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