Horrifying But Real Story Out Of Knoxville

27 08 2008

The government is beginning to make me wonder if all those years my grandfather hid money in old jackets that were in the back of the closet wasn’t a bad idea.

This is terrifying.

Today the IRS chose to empty one of my bank accounts. Any funds I put in that account go straight to Uncle Sam. I apologize to anyone whose checks bounce (Knox County Schools) because of this but I have no control over my government that is so desperate to fund an illegal war that it is willing to starve a 7 person household and threaten to put them on the streets. And all of this over not filing taxes for one year that I didn’t make any money and another year that I barely made enough money to sustain myself.

For the record, they overdrew my account by $102 dollars.

I know best wishes to the McCaughan family won’t help, but I do want them to know that I’m glad they shared this story.

The government really doesn’t care about the little guy, does it. Feeding one’s family isn’t important? This is outrageous. Couldn’t they have tried to work something out.

Kids need milk, dammit.

This is much scarier than zombies, my friends.



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27 08 2008

Remember, the IRS was founded as part of the Progressive movement.

27 08 2008

I’m out of the Progressive movement. I’m a liberal libertarian today. 😉

27 08 2008

Heh. Fair enough.

I try to make sure my political jabs here are mostly love taps.

27 08 2008

I know. You are good to me. 🙂
And, I’m fussing at you. You would be great on Twitter. Get over there. 😉
Seriously, I think you would like it or are you on there and did I miss it?

27 08 2008

You want me on Twitter, the fiance wants me on Facebook.

You women!

I’ll look into it.

27 08 2008

I’m sympathetic; this is horrifying.

But just not filing taxes? No offense, but that’s sort of dumb.

27 08 2008

Well… I mean, here’s the thing. It is a terrible thing to happen and awful story. And it would have been nice if he had some warning this was about to happen.

But it shouldn’t have been unexpected and I kind of have to agree with gemini up there.

I’ve filed taxes every year since I was 14. I filed them late this year because I was too broke but I was well aware there would be a penalty. This year I am kind of not all unlike the Tennesseans in poverty B. wrote about the other day – I haven’t added it up yet, but I don’t think I’ve even made $4K this year TOTAL. And I will be filing mine just like I always do, especially since I am basically self-employed and usually subject to self-employment tax penalty (which I think is an idea that totally reeks, but that’s beside the point).

Now, granted, I may have made so little this year that I might not have to pay anything, I don’t know. But I’m still going to file.

Because if you don’t file then they will get you and likely hit you with massive penalties. And everybody knows that. In my case this year it might not matter because I am so poor and broke, yes. But still I will file.

I feel bad for the guy and am sympathetic, it’s horrible, but this just shouldn’t have been unexpected.

27 08 2008

gemini notes “But just not filing taxes? No offense, but that’s sort of dumb.”
Yes! Mortifyingly stupid which is why I disclosed the post. People should know the repercussions. That said, at the time, there were extenuating circumstances that made filing taxes seem relatively unimportant at the time. I would have passed the same “sort of dumb” judgment had I not had to wear these shoes. And no offense taken.

Lynn mentions “it would have been nice if he had some warning this was about to happen”
I had warning in the form of letters but thought I had more time to get it resolved. I was in already in the process of trying to pull in external help (lawyers and accountants) when the axe fell. Since I made the post, I have been able to look into the situation a little further and this looks like it has more to do with a business I ran from 97-99 than it does unfiled taxes.

27 08 2008
Reality Me » US Government Mob Style

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27 08 2008

Sending you many good thoughts, Djuggler.

28 08 2008

I’m a liberal libertarian today.

How about “classic liberal”? Come on in…the water is nice and warm in our small but friendly pool.

28 08 2008

“this looks like it has more to do with a business I ran from 97-99 than it does unfiled taxes.”

I was wrong. This is all about not filing on a year that had I filed I would have received a refund.

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