Clinton Nominates Obama By Acclamation Vote

27 08 2008

I’ll write about this historical meeting a bit later, but it was truly an amazing moment to watch.

Sen. Hillary Clinton asked to cut the roll call short saying, “With eyes firmly fixed on the future, and in the spirit of unity with the goal of victory, with faith in our party and our country, let’s declare together with one voice right here, right now that Barack Obama is our candidate and he will be our president,” she said.

Delegates then affirmed Obama as their choice with cheers.

Clinton and Obama were on the ballot at the party convention on Wednesday.

The states announced their votes in alphabetical order. The voting was to continue until a candidate received 2,210 delegates — the threshold needed to secure the nomination.

While most delegates cast their votes for Obama, some were voting for Clinton.

It was truly a very neat thing to watch as Clinton made the nomination and asked for an acclamation vote.

Pretty nifty, watching history being made.

Photo credit CNN




13 responses

27 08 2008
Don Jones

Senator Barack Obama seems to have all the correct credentials to be President of this United States of America ! He is a people person, he seems to genuinely care about people ! As I`ve talked with several old timers like myself, Obamas only problem seems to be with us the very aged ! They can`t seem to bring themselves to vote for a black man, even though they agree with his proposed policy`s ! Folks , it`s an age thing, we grew up with seperate but equal. It never was ! If I live until November, you can bet one thing, I`ll cast my vote for Mr. Obama !

27 08 2008

Obama supporters keep chanting the mantra that Barack Obama
is the candidate who can unite our country … but, Obama couldn’t
even unite his own party … even after winning the nomination. And,
in reality, McCain has the history of working across the isle in congress.
Obama has brainwashed his followers into operatIing on ‘belief’, rather
than reason … just as he learned in Jeremiah Wright’s church … the power of BLIND faith.
Even his campaign solgan is based on belief, not common sense, logic,
or reason. Obama’s even got his followers publicly denouncing the importance
of experience … as if that’s the reason Bush performed poorly … when the
real reason Obama and his followers denounce experience is because
Obama doesn’t have any.
Keep America Strong … Elect Senator John McCain in November !!

27 08 2008

Democrats always changing the rules in the middle of something. By suspending the roll call, Nancy Polosi basically told all you Hillary supporters that your vote doesn’t matter. Proof of more government control that you will see if Obama is president.

27 08 2008

I wasn’t a Hillary supporter.

27 08 2008

Senator Obama is what this country needs. The republicans have messed things up and we can’t afford another one in the white house. the only thing republicans care about is war, oil and big money. Bush sent our young troops into a war he lied about, a war that was a big mistake. Millions and millions of dollars that could have been spend rebuilding the damage that BushMccain/Cheney put us into. Acting like you own the world didn’t get us anywhere and its time to heal the wounds the twins and big oil cheney created. Mccain doesn’t know anything about the economy and how many houses he owns, and yet the best he can come up with is fear attack ads. Why can’t Mcsame talk straight to the people instead of riding on the backs of his twin and the big oil money he gets. We need to build new relationships around the world, and fight the challenges that face our brothers and sisters in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. BusMcsame + cheney screwed us over, and the time for change has come. Be warned something new and big is about to take over and the republicans better watch out for the new youth political force that will take over. Mcsame talk straight and stop lying to the people. Just tell us the truth and don’t use fear to win votes. Just shows how weak u r. Fear don’t lead u anywhere.

27 08 2008

I think it is wrong that the roll call was done. This action is just showing that the party did not care about doing things in proper order and follow their own party rules Just shows they will do anything to have a party member in office which tells me it has nothing to do with the concerns for America and the people. Very wrong and I can say after this I will be voting for Senator John McCain.

27 08 2008

~Joe~ Read your comment. Proof of MORE government control? Gee Whiz….Bush has trashed our constitution and reputation, issued hundreds of “signing” statements indicating he is above the rule of law and the wishes of congress, spies on any and all US citizens he wants to, and you call THIS government control? Obama won the primaries. I accept it and I am a Hillary supporter!

Vote Democratic!

27 08 2008

I had to admit, I lolled pretty hard at Joe’s comment. Clearly you were asleep through the last eight years.

Also, Hillary votes weren’t the only votes cut off by the count. So were the remaining Obama votes.

27 08 2008

OK, I like Bill Clinton again. He saved the day, because Hillary sure didn’t.

27 08 2008

Astounding how someone can use the terms ‘logic’ and ‘sense’ in a sentence, and yet actually use neither one.

1) Several Presidents considered amongst the ‘best’ in history were amongst the least experienced. And, some considered amongst the ‘worst’ in history were very experienced. Therefore *reason* and *logic* would force you to conclude that experience is *not* the only, or even primary, indicator of who would make a good President.

2) The issue of Bush performing poorly is brought up, but no reason is given. If it isn’t experience, then what might it be? I’ve heard a lot of people say that they don’t feel comfortable with Obama because he doesn’t have quick, pat answers to tough questions. They want a *Decider*. Well, Bush is a decider, and *reason* and *logic* would force you to conclude that this may have something to do with making *bad* decisions. McCain seems to have a similar personality.

3) Belief and faith are claimed to be poor reasons to elect a President, and yet a large percentage of the nation want the President to have belief and faith in God. On the one hand, belief and faith is considered a positive attribute for the President, but is not considered a positive attribute for a voter. *Reason* and *logic* would force you to conclude that when people have faith in something, they are more likely to put aside their fears and work to achieve a common goal. Therefore, a candidate that inspires faith should, logically, be the one who is more likely to get people to work together.

The question of unity, unfortunately, actually comes down to the issue of entitlement. There were a lot of people who felt that their chosen candidate was *entitled* to the nomination. When that didn’t happen, there is no possible way anyone can mend those feelings. Just as when someone feels slighted by a friend or family member – the anger and bitterness just have to eventually be dealt with by the individual feeling it. That isn’t Obama’s fault, nor is it Clinton’s fault. It is human nature, and blaming that on the candidates is both stupid *and* irrational.

27 08 2008


Ewww, I smell PUMAs. God, somebody open a window.

Ya know what I think is funny? PUMAtards spent all their time claiming that Obama threw this person or that person “under the bus”, and in the end, it was the Clinton’s that threw them under the bus.
How absolutely fucking marvelous.

I am rolling on the fucking floor. (no shit, my cat just ran for her life)

So, PUMAtards, how does it feel? Don’t know about you but I’m lovin’it.
There are only two kinds of PUMAs. The paid operatives from Op Chaos, and the morons, like TGW and Left Coaster, who allowed themselves to be duped into supporting McLame.
I’m not fucking joking, this is tragic. How Liberals, the world’s smartest people, could be so easily used by the McSame campaign is absolute tragedy.

Thankfully, only a few of us fell victim to our own supportive political ambitions.

The rest of us have always had the blinders off, and we have always seen what a bunch of verminous filth the PUMAtards really are.
You’re going down in November, asshats. And I’ll be right here to remind you of it for a long time to come.


Power to the people, motherfuckers.

28 08 2008

I looooove the way Republicans show up and tell us Democrats how disunified we are. If you read any of the big Clinton-supporting feminist blogs, dudes, instead of pretending that PUMAs are anything but Republican fronts, you’d notice that while there’s a lot of criticism there of this or that of Obama’s positions (because criticism from friends is a good thing, and “my leader right or wrong” is a bad one), and a lot of disappointment that Clinton isn’t the nominee, there’s no one — NO ONE — supporting McCain there.

Also, I wonder whether the folks upset by the acclamation thing have ever watched a Democratic convention before? The nomination is always by acclamation (with every vote counted, i.e. to totals for each candidate are recorded). It’s a ritual. And, if you watched Clinton in this video, she was happy enough to take part in it. She’s a party creature through and through, and always has been. This is the party’s tradition, and she’s cool with it.

29 08 2008

I have the video of this posted at my place. (Also video of a lot of the other speeches, including all of Obama’s from last night)

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