Not An Online Fad

26 08 2008

I’m fixing (Southernism) to watch Hillary Clinton but I found this and I wanted to share it because … well … it’s important.

In a very short time, social networking has been redefined beyond its initial scope of just being a way to keep in touch with family and friends. For one thing, legitimate news organizations are now keeping an eye on online social networks as they’ve become an alternative source for news. Some social networks are even consistently “outscooping” traditional media outlets when it comes to the latest news. The viral success of social networks speaks to the fact that social networking has become mainstream and that it’s no longer the domain of the geeks and the teenagers. It’s Ironic really, since a few years ago social networking was considered just another online fad.

Read the whole thing if you are newsie.

Or just read it all because I asked nicely.




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26 08 2008

Whenever someone tries to tell me online social networking is a fad only young people cling to, I search for news on and show them other demographics participating.

Besides that, people need to recognize that it’s not necessarily all about social networking, it’s the tools for participation that so many social networking sites allow for. News sites that are more interactive and allow for sharing of content, commenting, etc., fare better than those that don’t, just to name one example…

26 08 2008

I agree that news outlets that interact do very well. Welcome to the Tennessee Blogosphere. I think that Knox News does a great job of commentary, blogging and interacting on different social networking sites. You may be familiar with them.

The sad thing is that when people automatically hide their heads in the sand about evolving media, well, it makes me a bit stabby. There are media sites out there that are getting it and for that I’m grateful. Gives me hope.
Thanks for stopping by 🙂

28 08 2008
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