Media-Driven Political Drama

26 08 2008

The Rude Pundit talks about Hillary Clinton.

Look, you know the way this went down. It’s not complicated. We already know that the Obama campaign ran “one of the most rigorous vice-presidential vetting processes that Democrats could recall.” So the Obama people went to Hillary Clinton and said, “We need a complete financial disclosure, including Bill’s foundation,” and Bill said, “You can kiss my hairy ass,” and thus the whole thing was over for Hillary. It’s that simple.

This ludicrous, unending coda to the primary campaign is nearly exclusively media-driven. Sure, yeah, some of the Clintons’ people are acting like an athlete who took steroids trying to prove how often the tests show a false positive. He may have a point, but he still doesn’t get to win. And he’s not really the best spokesperson for testing reform. In other words, to the extent that any convention wrangling and bitter feelings are actually happening, Clinton and her people need to act like they lost.

The key thing RP says is that much of what is going on is media-driven. And it is. No one is going to watch unless there is some drama. If everyone was standing around singing Burt Bacharach, then MSM wouldn’t feel like that had a story. I’m seeing a lot of created foo-foo crap happening which is to drive ratings

I think Hillary Clinton has been very classy at the convention. She’s a leader and she’s good at it. She just didn’t win this one.




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