Chickens Playing Soccer

26 08 2008

I don’t know why chickens amuse me, but they do.



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26 08 2008

They are so beautiful. And hilarious. Their floofy pantaloons make me laugh so hard, because they look like 18th century dandies in a duel.

I still have a little photo of a rooster sitting behind the wheel of an old Chevrolet truck that I snipped out of a Premiere years ago. It was illustrating a shooting story on “The Grass Harp.” And it cracks me up. He looks so PEEVED. Like your granddad sitting out in front of the store, muttering, “I swan, if those kids don’t get out here right NOW I’m gonna go off and leave ’em.”

26 08 2008

I’m only interested in their breasts – well, wings and legs too.

27 08 2008
Kathy T.

You’ve always had a thing for chickens.

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