AMC Is Screwing Up Over Mad Men Twitters

26 08 2008

Dear AMC,

When you are getting free social networking for your show Mad Men (which I love incidentally) through fan Twitter sites, why in the hell would you raise hell about it.

Whitney with the scoop:

Once AMC found out about the accounts, they asked Twitter to remove them. As of today, poor Peggy is “being investigated due to strange activity.” The other characters are disappearing as well. (The guy who writes Paul Kinsey has been sharing his side of the story on his blog.)

“It’s outrageous!” Tiffany says. “My thought is, why would AMC put a stop to some really great social media marketing for their show? At least perhaps they’d take a note from the success of the characters and take the project over themselves.”

AdRants agrees, noting that “slapping down fervent supporters as opposed to forming a partnership does more harm than good.”

Here’s more:

Don Draper’s back. On Twitter, that is. The fake accounts of “Mad Men” characters like Don Draper and Peggy Olson, created by fans but taken down at the request of bumbling cable channel AMC, are back up again.

What happened? Deep Focus, the Web marketing group that works for AMC, tells us that they gently nudged their client into rescinding the DMCA takedown notice they’d sent to Twitter.

This is free publicity for crying out loud. There are times I just shake my head.

Progress ain’t easy in the new world of marketing and remembering when you are being helped by your fan base. No one was stealing your product. They were promoting it.







3 responses

27 08 2008

Boo. Hiss.

AMC, fans of your show are having fun with it…why would you want to kill that?

Another example of how the highest paid guys who make the decision sooo don’t get it. This is a character based show, and people want to interact with the characters stupid.

And how ironic is it that the show is about advertising execs, yet they want to kill free advertising?

27 08 2008
Tits McGee

I know, right?! I am having a passionate love affair with Madmen and was giddy like a schoolgirl to follow the characters on Twitter (and serious kudos to the folks who created the accounts – by and large they’ve really captured the characters’ voices). AMC really had their heads up their asses on this one.

Hope you’re feeling better, sweetie.

27 08 2008

This is not the first bit of asshattery on the part of those behind (no pun intended) Mad Men (see Coble’s blog). I was absolutely enraptured by the show last year, but I haven’t even watched it this season.

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