The Archives Of Jimmy Webb

24 08 2008

I love this song. I’ve been perusing through some music I used to play when I was a disc jockey and this was one of them.

Jimmy Webb, thanks for making my tenure as a country music DJ better.

I don’t know, I liked it.

And don’t get me started on the Wichita Lineman. LOVED it.




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25 08 2008

Jimmy Webb is one of the best writers ever. And put Glen Campbell in the mix and I’m done. By The Time I Get To Phoenix just knocks me out.

25 08 2008

Yes. YES!!
I love them too.

25 08 2008
Campbell Soup (snork) « Heartbreaktown

[…] Soup (snork) Posted on August 25, 2008 by heartbreaktown Newscoma got me searchin’ for Jimmy Webb and thus, Glen Campbell.  Thought I’d share a couple […]

25 08 2008

Mr. Webb is a wordsmith of the highest order, someone the hooksters of Nashville would be hard-pressed to even recognize, much less emulate. It’s so rare that a songwriter can hook up so consistently with a singer who can interpret his/her work so magnificently, but Glen Campbell and Jimmy Webb cannot be beat. Campbell’s version of Webb’s “Still Within the Sound of My Voice” will utterly break your heart. Linda Ronstadt has also done several of his songs (including “Still Within …”), but as much as I have loved her all these years, her versions often get caught up in vocalizing rather than simply singing the song. There’s no need to oversing a Jimmy Webb song. Ever. (She does do a brilliant cover of “Adios,” though.) That’s been Campbell’s gift — he rarely oversings, and he certainly doesn’t do it on Webb songs. (It’s the same thing with

For some reason, even though it’s not a Webb song, I’m hearing Campbell singing “Try a Little Kindness” in my head. It won’t stop, but I don’t mind.

25 08 2008

Self-editing, my foot. Please ignore the truncated parenthetical comment up there at the end of the first graf.

Next time that bed goes around, I’m-a gonna get in it.

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