Slogans For McCain T-Shirts

24 08 2008

As we were talking about Bigfoot T-shirts earlier this week, the Lovable Liberal has some ideas for T-shirts slogans for John McCain. I laughed.

Here is a sample:

Pick your favorite gibe and put it on a T shirt:

  • McCain doesn’t count his condos.
  • The White House would make an even dozen.
  • Ask me how many houses I have.
  • Can you pay? I left my wallet in my other … house.
  • I’m out of touch with my real estate empire.
  • Ain’t never been there, they tell me it’s nice



7 responses

24 08 2008

A vote for McCain is a vote for McJobs

24 08 2008
Tennessee Jed

Why change things now that they are going so well?
McCain ’08

24 08 2008

Heh. I love that, Jed.

24 08 2008
Carole Borges

I bought the keg. You get the foam.

POW Pow Pow. We want more war.

Home is where you hang your silk pajamas

Get a grip voters, truth changes during elections.

24 08 2008
theodoric of athens

love me, love my war.

24 08 2008
lovable liberal

Thanks, ‘Coma. Always good to hear when I’ve hit the mark, any mark.

24 08 2008

And, my dear, you did. 🙂

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