R. Neal In Denver

24 08 2008

This is amazing.

I can’t wait to see what’s next.




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24 08 2008

Y’know, I’m absolutely sick to death of this seemingly endless campaign, but the seating of bloggers with their state delegations is a stroke of brilliance. Both as a marketing ploy and as an evolution of traditional “journalistic” coverage, the placement of bloggers like Randy Neal with their own state delegations, seated right there next to them, is a game-changer.

And Randy is one hell of a blogger. I cannot wait to see what he reports.

Consider that last sentence in light of how sick I am of the campaign.

This is something else.

25 08 2008

No one could do a better job of blogging the convention better than Randy, and he will represent all of us (progressive bloggers) very well.
I don’t know if he’s ever been to a convention, but he’s in for the time of his life…and to be blogging this one, the most historic convention in our history has got to be extra special.

I’m really excited for him, and can’t wait to point my readers in his direction for this.

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