Design A T-Shirt For Barack Obama

24 08 2008

As my sister, Homer, is a screenprinting maven and I know about 400 graphic artists, I thought I would pass this along from the Barack Obama website.

Obama supporters everywhere are taking their activism to a new level. Artists and designers are using their passion, their creativity, their ideas to design the next Obama campaign t-shirt.

It’s a tee by the people and for the people.

Your T-shirt entry will be displayed on our website, and the winning design will be picked by a truly democratic process — the votes of our supporters online.

It’s easy to get started, we supply all of the needed files for you to start designing. All you need to do is download the submission kit, which includes decorative art designs, official Obama logos, shirt colors and shirt images. Once you download the kit, just get started designing your tee. Be creative in your design! Once you have finished the design, you’ll submit it to the campaign by making a preview image and sending it through your account by August 31st. Then cross your fingers and be sure to tell all your friends to vote.

Now, I challenge a Tennessean to win this puppy and if you do, umm, recommend Homer to print them. Also, she and SQ made me a Newscoma T-shirt for my birthday last year. I’m angling for a Mabel for President for my birthday on October 7.

Yes, Homer, this is a hint.





4 responses

24 08 2008


just another “contest” to get graphic designers to submit work for nothing.

I don’t work for free.

24 08 2008

Well, that’s cool too.
I usually don’t promote this stuff but I thought it would be kinda groovy to design the official Tee for some young enthusiasts.

P.S. I don’t either. Well, anymore at least.
Interesting response. 🙂

24 08 2008

Forgive me for seeming to go off half-cocked on the subject of this type of design work. It’s just insulting to time and again come across the type of “contest” that devalues the work that my fellow designers and I are bombarded with time and again.

An anecdote: a friend of mine is a movie producer – a film she worked on has been honored with being accepted at the Toronto Film Festival. This is a very big deal for her, as only about 10% of films submitted end up being chosen to be shown at the festival. There are huge rewards for the films shown there, as this is a major marketplace for distributors to see films and to get them onto the public’s radar.

A few weeks back, she emailed me with the proposal for me to design the movie poster. I was very flattered, and even though the pay wasn’t exactly huge, I thought it would be a cool thing to do, as I’ve always wanted to try my hand at designing movie posters.

A week after the initial conversation with her about the design, she emailed back that the director of the film had decided to use a design student in NYC to do the poster, as she would do it for free. Although disappointed, I wished my friend luck on the poster design, but warned her that usually these students have little real world experience when it comes to getting a project printed. (not always, but most of the time).

Last night, I saw my friend and in the course of our conversations, I asked “how is the movie poster turning out?” She shook her head and said “not good, she doesn’t know what she’s doing, it’s very obvious” — I didn’t say “I told you so” — which took much restraint. I knew it would turn out that way. Now I’m just waiting on my phone to ring to be asked to step in to save the day.

Back to the topic at hand, the Obama Tee Shirt contest. I urge you and your readers to check out

This website is an all encompassing resource of why asking designers to work for free is wrong and neither good for the businesses requesting the artwork nor the designers who are asked to create for free.

Thanks for allowing me to clarify.

24 08 2008

I understand completely, Unless it’s a project I care about, I don’t go the free route anymore myself.
I’m so glad you came back and clarified and left the links. Chez groovy.
Also, I have had a few projects and I always pay the designers because, the ones I know at least, don’t have a great deal of dough-re-mi.
You take care and keep up the good fight. I love it.

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