Annoying Autobiographical Pause #287

24 08 2008

Yesterday, I rambled around aimlessly with the posse of Squirrel Queen, and later, with Badger Beth.

It was one of those days that didn’t make a lot of sense, there was beer and Biden Talk (in the same location. Note to self, asking a proprietor of a dive if you can “borrow” the television to watch Obama/Biden’s first press conference brings up some awkward conversations thus demanding that more beer must be consumed as we listen to old fogies drinking Natty Light talk about that we are in the apocalypse. Sigh.)

I thought Biden came out swinging and, as I have said before, some of Obama’s naysayers I deal with on an ongoing level, seemed somewhat pleased. We still have lots of time though before the big day in November.

We played darts (and I sucked) and ate at not one but two restaurants. The first one for lunch sucked so bad as our water had floaters in it and everything tasted like four-day old catfish. The shame of it all was that we did not order catfish. Nor did the waiter get us new waters. Nor did he receive a tip which is a shame because I’m an awesomely good tipper.

The second restaurant was a new Italian themed place that was actually quite tasty. I was surprised. Hoots Central has two Italian restaurants now. Imagine my surprise. We still have sushi rolls with bologna in them which saddens me to no end and also makes me queasy. What next? Squirrel Sushi. Blech.

Squirrel Queen was apparently looking for redemption and anger management classes after being very, very tired from her 2 billion hours of working overtime which happens about every five years so BB and I got her home. (I tease because of the love.)

As her tiredness overcame her, BB and I had a slumber party watching television, talking politics and thinking about what the future holds us.

Every once in a while, having a sleepover is fun no matter what your age is.

We all realized we were somewhat bored and were wondering if all roads lead to Hooterville and we decided that they, indeed, do not.

These are the days we appreciate and that are also quite telling.

Aimless, summer days aren’t too shabby.




2 responses

24 08 2008

I do love your AAP’s, and I do miss you girls.

24 08 2008

We miss you too!
Hopefully, we won’t miss each other much longer. šŸ˜‰

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