Obama Chooses Biden

23 08 2008

Biden is the choice.

“Barack has chosen Senator Joe Biden to be our VP nominee,” the text message, sent at around 3 a.m. ET, said.

“Joe and I will appear for the first time as running mates this afternoon in Springfield, Illinois — the same place this campaign began more than 19 months ago,” Obama said in an e-mail sent to supporters Saturday morning.

It was announced at 2 a.m.CST via the promised text message.

I’ve never seen anything like this. They announce it in the middle of the night?

So the world wakes up to an Obama/Biden ticket.




5 responses

23 08 2008
Jeffraham Prestonian

Well, given that the cabloids were all over the arrival of the Secret Service at Biden’s residence earlier (gee, and who’s in charge of the SS?), I think the cat was slightly out of the bag.

I was thinking it was all a giant headfake until I saw the graphic change on the Obama site.

23 08 2008

The media coverage on everyone’s house yesterday gave me brain freeze. Over the top.
I’m not surprised he chose Biden, but more that the text came out at 2 a.m.
We live in different times, my friend.

23 08 2008

2am Central is 3 am Eastern. Like the time of a certain hypothetical phone call.

For his sake I hope it was just an “oh shit, it’s leaked, gotta get it out now” decision and not an unnecessary dig at Clinton.

23 08 2008

Wasn’t it midnight in California? Couldn’t it have just been a decision to wait until the very end of the day the news was promised?

24 08 2008
Liberadio(!) - Nashville Talk Radio with Mary Mancini and Freddie O'Connell

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