Bigfoot Hoax T-shirt

22 08 2008

Because I’m a Bigfoot enthusiast, I’m getting one of these shirts from CNN.

I’m sort of stoked about it. I’ve always like headline shirts being that I write them for a living.

These shirts make me laugh. So I did a little research on them.

  • CNN is turning select news headlines into T-Shirts
  • These American Apparel T-Shirts are sold at cost; CNN is not making a profit from them
  • The idea is: Wear the news you are passionate about
  • You can view the T-Shirt archive here:

That’ll work. I wonder if they have one with the Chupacabra headline on it.




8 responses

22 08 2008

Man, I just don’t get these shirts, because most of them just don’t strike me as funny, and I can’t figure out why I’d want a headline that isn’t funny on a shirt.

22 08 2008

Uh, which is not to say *you* shouldn’t get one, I’m just having a hard time figuring out why CNN is offering some of these in the first place.

22 08 2008
lovable liberal

I’ve been thinking about T shirts, too.

22 08 2008

As I’m poor, I’ll take one, By the way, Rachel I LOVE your new aviator.

24 08 2008

Thanks! It was taken last Christmas while I was not paying attention. 🙂

24 08 2008

It’s a good one.

24 08 2008

These are not costing CNN $15 to produce

24 08 2008

Oh, I know. My sister owns a screenprinting business.
I’m saying roughly, as it’s black, maybe $6 bucks?

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