Westboro Baptist Church Gets Served By Red State Update

21 08 2008

I really, really, really dislike Westboro Baptist Church. And when I see them get served, I just love it.

Thanks Travis and Johnathan.

From Red State Update.

That is just wonderful.

H/T Christian Grantham




7 responses

21 08 2008

Love it! Love it anyway ‘cos Travis is an old buddy, but love it!

22 08 2008

Har. Loved the bit where he said something like yeah, I can see there’s a big difference between God and you. And the whole trying to score with the girl thing? Awesome.

22 08 2008

I thought it was pretty damned good.

22 08 2008

I loved it! “I’m not kiddin’ about that wings thing.”:)

22 08 2008
Don Jones

These people are SICK ! They do more Harm to the Church than TV Evangelist !

22 08 2008


BTW, the girl was talking about adumbrations of divine wrath. Isn’t a word like “adumbrations” elitist talk? But I thought it was homosexuals who were the elitists. I’m sooooo confused.

23 08 2008

That was great. I want more.

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