Evil Dead 4 And Bruce Campbell

21 08 2008

How in the HELL did I miss this?

Awesome news out of San Diego Comic-Con. Spider-Man director Sam Raimi announced that he’s getting back together with actor Bruce Campbell for a fourth installment of their stellar Evil Dead franchise. Though the zombie-filled series has been dormant since 1992’s Army of Darkness, Raimi—who was promoting his upcoming flick, Drag Me to Hell—told fans that part 4 is “in the wheelhouse.”

What is wrong with me? Bigfoot? Working like a dog? Libations? Dementia? Seriously, how did I miss this?

Bruce Campbell. I am stoked.

And then there is this:

Evil Dead actor Bruce Campbell has vowed that there will be no young sidekick in the fourth movie in the franchise.

The 50-year-old, who played Ash in director Sam Raimi’s horror trilogy, told MTV News that he will be the star if a sequel goes ahead.

He said: “I think the audience would be insulted if you [brought in a sidekick] because then you feel this obvious pressure to appeal. The beauty of the Evil Dead movies is that you’re only appealing to one demographic and that’s people who like horror movies. And you just have to please them.

Hot damn!

I really need to change my job where all I do is things that are groovy.




3 responses

21 08 2008

I don’t know how I missed this one either, but you have made my week with this news.

Bruce Campbell rocks.

21 08 2008
jane q. public

This could be the happiest day of my life! I had no idea about it, either.

21 08 2008

I can’t wait. I love the obvious poke Bruce made at the Indy movies too.

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