Tennessean Talks Blogging

20 08 2008

In today’s Tennessean, there is a story about bloggers across the state from Knoxville to Memphis. Not a bad story but it amazes me that they didn’t link the bloggers they were talking about.

It’s a start though.

Of course, Silence has been telling us this for years.



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20 08 2008
Aunt B.

Oh my god! I laughed so hard when I saw it online–a story about a bunch of blogs with no links to those blogs. Someone needs to teach those folks the value of an a href.

20 08 2008

I agree. You did great, btw.
You, my dear, are a rock star.

20 08 2008
Random Things that Are Going to Keep Me Up At Night « Tiny Cat Pants

[…] Random Things that Are Going to Keep Me Up At Night Posted on August 20, 2008 by Aunt B. –It is weird that a story about bloggers doesn’t link to their blogs. […]

20 08 2008
Great News Story–You Forgot Something | Hear ItFrom.Us

[…] pointed out a story in the Tennessean this morning about political bloggers in Tennessee. Newscoma points out something too. Not a bad story but it amazes me that they didn’t link the bloggers […]

20 08 2008
Blue Collar Muse

NC –

Not sure about this but I don’t think they have the ability to easily do it internally in an article.

It’s true they talk about the blogs and there are many banner ads and such that are linked from the page. But this is a website, not a blog. Those links are added/coded, I assume, by someone else.

The reason I think it’s out of the writer’s hands is that in what passes for a sidebar in the article, there are several blogs mentioned that have the URLs listed. Someone went to the trouble of adding them. But they don’t generate a link. Probably their software/platform or whatever.

At least they’re giving us credit for contributing as opposed to marginalizing us. And they don’t print the addresses and phone numbers of businesses they write about (do they?). I don’t see anything more sinister here than a technology that is geared towards publishing website content than it is promoting blogs.

Still, I think it’s yet another sign bloggers have “arrived”, whatever that might mean. In 2006, we’d have given body parts for the mentions the Tennessean gave today. This morning we’re criticizing the paper for not doing it in the way we’d prefer. Go figure …


20 08 2008

Congrats on the good write up.
Our site isn’t that hot but we can embed links. Maybe their’s is different.
Still, I do think it’s a good thing. Sorry about the bitching. Just making an observation because I’m on both sides of the forum.

20 08 2008

At least in the print version they had a sidebar with URLs.

20 08 2008
Aunt B.

Oh, I didn’t think it was the writer’s fault at all. I just assumed the Tennessean would have some tech person who could drop that code in.

20 08 2008

Same here. I think Jennifer did a great job.

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