Will It Be Joe Biden?

19 08 2008

So it’s Vice-President Tuesday or is it? Well, at least that’s what MSM is pontificating about today.

I only have a couple of random observations about the next step in the road to the White House. I think whoever is placed on the ticket for both candidates is going to be key in rural America.

Of course, I’m just talking about my rural America but I do think it’s key.

Joe Biden is relatively well-liked and respected by some of the Dems over here but so is Hillary Clinton. I think Biden has more of the edge. I hear more people around here talking about having Clinton fatigue, but I don’t really think she is on the short list at this point but that’s just me. I’ve been wrong before.

I mention Clinton Fatigue but I think it’s more about having election fatigue in general. This race has been going on for what seems like forever. With two years of campaigning, at this point I believe everyone is pretty sure of whom they are going to vote for anyway.

But those undecided will be watching the VP choices.

Sharon has a poll for you to go and add your two cents to the pot regarding whom Barack Obama is going to choose.

Think of it as voting early and often.




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19 08 2008

Obama be a idiot not to.

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