Breaking: Bigfoot Still Not Found Except …

19 08 2008

So, I’m photoshopping a million pictures today, one which gave us all a great deal of pleasure in Twitter town. Some photos for pleasure and others for work that will help the paper out with mugshots and that SQ and I were also dog-assed tired. I worked in the pajamas for awhile which is every blogger/newsperson/umm … everyone’s dream.

With the sad reality that Bigfoot is still not found (and dammit, after the media circus that I even engaged in, I don’t blame him) I realized that probably the best way I could mourn was with a six-pack of Country Club ponies and some much needed anti-depressants, things of course I had no access to, I decided to go to a softball game.

Yeah, it was for the niece.

So I get there and realized that I’m truly a disheveled mess with wild crazy doglady hair and legs that rivaled Bigfoot but we won’t go there. Yes, I was in shorts. No, I didn’t pay attention as I stumbled out the door to the car nor did I notice them in the car. Not until I was sitting on the metal bleachers, truly did I see the sad and tragic nightmare which happens to many women. Or not. Maybe it’s just me.

Homer, who was sitting beside me laughed as I delicately tried to hide the abomination from the local fire chief who was talking to me today about a fire that happened. I realized that all was lost and was going to end in tears anyway so I just rolled with it.

I get home to find that the planets apparently have shifted with the news that Toby Keith is supporting Barack Obama and SQ’s sister broke her leg fishing. Yeah, these things happen.

To cure the brain freeze that I went through as I have always thought that hell might be cold at this point because it has apparently frozen over, I decided to follow Joe Lance’s advice, wait patiently and pray for rain although he just said wait.

Random and incoherent thoughts for a pretty decent day except for Squirrel Queen’s sister, who is having a rather crappy day.




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19 08 2008
joe lance

No, you’re right. Rain would be good. Between the system heading through MS and AL right now, and the projected track of TS Fay, at least my end of TN will get some.

Hope SQ’s sister’s leg heals quickly.

19 08 2008

Meh. A mystery bigger than Bigfoot is why we give the hucksters who claimed to have found him all the media coverage they got.

20 08 2008
Bobblehead George

I saw Toby Keith interviewed on 60 minutes a year or two ago. His political views are moderate. He said he didn’t think the war was a good idea, and his songs were written for the troops.

Reminds me of an interview with Lee Greenwod.
Conservative Host: “So, Lee Greenwood! When did you decide to write patriotic songs?”
Lee: “Uh, I’ve only written that one.”

20 08 2008

Oh, George..
Is it commerce-driven?
Will he do a world tour with the Dixie Chicks?

Heh. 🙂

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