Mean Obit

18 08 2008


I have to say, at the Hoots newspaper, I would have advised the person not to run this.




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18 08 2008
Kate O'

That’s pretty rough, to be sure. But I have to believe there must have been some truth in it somewhere, or the writer would most likely not have gone through with it. Sad stuff.

18 08 2008

That’s something you write and stick in an envelope and put in a drawer, not file in a newspaper….

18 08 2008

I have to agree with LWC. Sespite whatever faults Mrs. Aguilar may have had, and I’m sure she probably had some, the obituary is not well suited for revenge.

Especially since the target is incapable of rebuttal.

18 08 2008
Jeffraham Prestonian

Olivia Soprano!

19 08 2008

As a child of an abusive mother, I understand their anger. I also understand they need to get help for it, or they’ll end up displacing it like they did with this article.
I hope they get the help they need to heal, and learn to forgive their mother, and then themselves for being so publicly cruel regardless of what she did to them.
Even the worst person in the world has one good quality. People have to try to find that one good quality in everyone.
Example: To me, Hitler was the worst person who ever lived. He loved dogs, though. He’s not exactly someone I want to say something nice about, I’m just trying to underscore that we can find at least one good thing in every person no matter how bad they are.

19 08 2008

Why couldn’t they just all piss on her grave like normal people?

19 08 2008

Could this woman, even as we speak, have Heaven’s residents in turmoil, fighting among themselves, with harps bent and bloodied? Or, on the other hand, could the Devil at this very moment be begging his mother-in-law to put a bullet in his head?

19 08 2008
jim voorhies

Damn it, Ron, that’s twice now.

19 08 2008

That’s why I get the coffee. I’m a closer.

19 08 2008

whoa, that is COLD

While I’ve not suffered abuse from a family member, I have to say that forgiveness is something that sets one free. To walk around with hurt, anger and a grudge only hurts the person carrying it. Sometimes you just have to let it go – through whatever means one can find – and move on with life.

Dolores can’t hurt anyone anymore, and I hope that fact gives her family solace.

19 08 2008
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20 08 2008
jim voorhies

I do hope they spend the inheritance on therapy.

20 08 2008

Whoa. Bitter much?

20 08 2008

This obit was run in our paper in Vallejo, California as well and was mentioned on Dr. Laura’s radio show as it ran some where else. Its quite possible this is a hoax, run nationally for publicity or a personal statement on today’s society.

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