Bigfoot Press Conference Today

15 08 2008

The big guy’s day is today. Will this confirm or deny his existence?

A photo of a jumbled mess of hair, entrails, water and the carcass of a supposed Bigfoot stuffed in a cooler has recently made the rounds on the Internet along with claims that it is the real thing.

In fact, there will be a press conference to discuss the discovery at noon today in Palo Alto. The organizers say that the results from multiple tests, including one for DNA, will be announced at the event.

Two Georgia men, sporting the label of Bigfoot trackers, claim they found the body while out on an expedition in the state in mid-July.

Following the trip and removal of the body from the woods to their home, where they placed it in a cooler, they contacted self-styled Bigfoot expert Thomas Biscardi to examine the remains.

So far, only one photograph of the body has been released publicly, and the remains have not yet been seen by anyone other than the three men and the scientists they hired to do the tests.

Michael Rugg, curator of Felton’s own Bigfoot Discovery Museum, is skeptical. He says Biscardi has been duped before. In an effort to drum up press for another Bigfoot claim, he made appearances on several major news networks without having seen the actual body, Rugg said. It turned out to be fake.

I want to be a Bigfoot tracker.




39 responses

15 08 2008
Ed Felton

I have my own Bigfoot discovery Museum??? Wondered what was behind that door.

15 08 2008
15 08 2008

I think it is the real thing. But I do not buy the story they found it dead in the forest with other bigfeet in the area. They probably shot it.

15 08 2008
Tony P.

Yes, Ed, there really is a Felton Bigfoot Museum, but it is in Felton, CA (near Santa Cruz), not in your closet.

15 08 2008
big foot

leave me alone. thats my brother. we were gonna go fishing.

15 08 2008

I wrote a skeptical account of the discovery on my website:

15 08 2008

This whole thing is Bogus. Teh ‘doctor’ who they videotaped initially discussing his examination of the body turned out to be Whitton (the cop on leaves) brother…so, there’s lie #1. They have pulled all of their videos off of Youtube. There is a costume company that sells a commercially available Bigfoot costume and the face was point matched to the ‘mask’. These guys keep getting busted in lie after lie and then say,”Yeah, but we really DO have teh body…youll see”.
Its like Alien autopsy where they finally found the guys that pulled THAT hoax and they now claim that there really was footage but it was destroyed so they ‘restored it’ by making a dummy exactly like the real body and staging the autopsy. So, you have 1 photograph of what looks just like a commercially available costume, a fake doctor, disappearing video and ‘DNA’ from invisible experts. Oh, and supposedly they found a buyer that already paid 10 million for the body BEFORE seeing the body or having the DNA tested. These guys arent even good fiction writers.

15 08 2008
15 08 2008

I believe that it is real. I think that is my Mother-in-law.

15 08 2008
Tom Felton


15 08 2008

Ralph, I think your wrong. When the DNA testing comes back it will prove its my mother in law.

15 08 2008

I tend to think that I am a Bigfoot tracker. Granted my methods, which involve sitting around a campfire with a few beers to use as bait, are unorthodox. However, I remain tied with everybody else in the world for number of Sasquatch found to exist…

15 08 2008

Check out these videos. The first video is of Biscardi talking about “the find” on FOX News of course.

I hope this is real… would be awesomely cool.

15 08 2008
Yuli – It was definitely a real creature,

15 08 2008

Big foot is totally real….all of you skeptics are stuck in the natural human mindset of believing that we are the only “evolved” beings on this planet, and in this universe for that matter. You never know. As for the Big foot species….our environment is changing so much they probably had to migrate and relocate or whatever. What ever happened to the kids in us when we believed in Big Foot and the Lock Ness Monster and the like?

15 08 2008

well i was hoping this would be the real thing. Ive been running around the woods planting that beef jerky they seem to like so much on the commercials
but nothing yet. dam scammers probably bought the costume on craigslist.

15 08 2008

How much you want to bet it’s a gag promo for that “messing with bigfoot” ad campaign that’s been running (can’t remember what it’s for though.. mentos or something..)

15 08 2008

Not to worry, it is not bigfoot. It is just some North Georgia inbreeding.

15 08 2008

I myself have had a firsthand enounter with the beast. I believe scientists are onto something big….something foot…something bigfoot. THis creature is not alone though for i saw a group of the estranged creatures conversing in the sierra nevadas on my trip last winter. It was a close call they spotted me and i raced for safety. Im a believer and i know they are all still out there.

15 08 2008

“I bet Geico thinks getting shot by a couple of hillbillys is easy to”


15 08 2008

Big foot found here>

I think Bigfoots live all around. I like the abominable snowman too, he gets left out from the spot light a lot.

Thank you come again

15 08 2008

Nasty, rotted carcass?

Perhaps they just found John McCain drunk in the alley after a town hall meeting.

15 08 2008

I believe that it is bigfoot. I once had an entire tribe of these beings steal my beef jerky. They then tossed my beef jerky back and forth to each other and mocked me. I’m glad to see him in a freezer. Look who’s laughing, now you bully! Hahahaha.

15 08 2008

What county in Georgia was this beast found

15 08 2008

I would like to know why they haven’t done or if they will do a full autopsy on this thing, if it truly exists outside of a photo. Open up its stomach, look at the internal organs, do a brain autopsy, inspect the creature before it completely decays and take several samples for permanent pathology. I am not going to read another ridiculous article about this creature/thing until they do all of the above and provide several tissue samples, photographs, and experts’ opinions, supposedly those of the anthropologists, paleontologists, and biologists. Then they need to present it to the media. I have always thought this was urban legend. If they do not do all of the above, these people will be the laughing stock of the country and will be shamed for years to come. Just do it please!

15 08 2008

They can put it right next to the recently “discovered” human and dinosaur footprints now residing in a creationist museum in Texas.

15 08 2008
Oy Gevalt

Why do people keep paying attention to these drooling, country-fried, attention-starved rubes?

15 08 2008
A must see

You want to see unusual pics? Go to !! wacky

15 08 2008


15 08 2008

I think it has a “purty mouth” for North Georgia bigfoot, I’d love to hear it squeal like a pig….

15 08 2008

It’s definitely the Big Foot costume from the Horror Dome website. What did they do….get it wet, stuff some dentures in its mouth and scatter entrails on top. The real Big Foot may exist but he was not gut shot somewhere in Georgia.

15 08 2008

I want to believe in Bigfoot. Many people do. I’d believe Nepal, or Asia… but N. Georgia? Nevertheless, far less outrageous to believe in an undiscoered creature than a guy rising from the dead after 3 days and ascending into ‘heaven’. The vast majority of Americans believe that totally.

15 08 2008

Concerning the recent “find”…I believe in bigfoot…always have…but I have serious doubts that today’s “news” will prove to be the real thing. I watched the “news conference”…a complete joke. The prevailing opinion seems to be that they offered no proof. Actually, that’s not entirely true. That proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the two people who “found” the “body” are complete idiots and that they have allied themselves with a pitch man. It’s also obvious that it’s all about money, not science.

15 08 2008

All I have to say is it is ugly….real or not real….

15 08 2008

By the way…I live in North Georgia….in the woods…..should I be on the lookout…ya think?

15 08 2008
Jeffraham Prestonian

Ape suit + pig guts = latest scam.

16 08 2008

Well the fact that the Halloween costume that you can rent or buy is an exact match, and the teeth are extremely white and human like they should be yellow and brown, maybe a set of old false teeth? Also the organs laying on top of it are extremely small. spell hoax all the way. Plus in all the dead animals I have found rigamortous sets in making it next to impossible to force its large frame in a freezer. This is just a media ploy. But as you will read here they suckered a small percentage in and will cash in on them. If staging a large hoax like this was illegal it would never happen.

16 08 2008

What county in North Georgia was the BEAST found. I also live in north Ggeorgia.

16 08 2008

Yeah that’s a real bigfeet, look at the feet, they are big. Baby bigfoots are called what? Little Foots? It’s obviously a conspiracy to keep our minds off the high price of gas and a looming war with russia. Russia wants us worried about Bigfoot and not their war with Georgia over there. That’s why they implanted the dead Bigfoot in the hills of Georgia here to make us not think about Georgia over there. Clearly a KGB type double operation. We are just lucky Julia Childs is no longer in the CIA, she woud cook the bigfoot up and serve it to people visiting from Russia. I mean who eats feet anyway, no one really wants to and how do they eat pickled pigs feet, I don’t get it, it’s gross and so is bigfoot and the russian army. All a conspiracy to keep the low grade water in the lower class neighborhoods so they don’t have their own gardens. Defintiely the government taking rights away.

Look at this conspiracy:

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