Bigfoot Photo

14 08 2008

Umm, is that an intestinal tract?

Photo from here via here.

Well, campers, is this real or not?




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14 08 2008

It almost looks too real to be real. No DNA?

14 08 2008

DNA announcement tomorrow. I wish I had the cash to fly to Palo Alto.
This would be a hoot.

14 08 2008
joe lance

I saw this photo yesterday, printed in B&W. I told my friend that it looked like a cheap Halloween costume. ๐Ÿ™‚

14 08 2008

That’s what Joe Powell said too. ๐Ÿ˜‰
Bea Arthur in a gorilla suit or Bigfoot?
No one knows.

14 08 2008

I find it interesting that on the same day the world’s tallest woman dies, the body of Bigfoot is found.

14 08 2008
Aunt B.

Yeah, I’d love to be wrong, but that doesn’t look like real fur.

14 08 2008

Those are real entrails, but not a real Bigfoot. As much as I want to believe, it looks too much like Dr. Zaius for me to buy into it.

14 08 2008

I know. I don’t think it’s real either all though I SO want it to be true.

14 08 2008
texas buddha
14 08 2008

Hey, isn’t that Beeks from TRADING PLACES?

14 08 2008
Half Beard

Half Beard killed Bigfoot…

14 08 2008
chicken little

hmm….no flies..that would have made it alittle more realistic

14 08 2008
lovable liberal

LWC, funny!

14 08 2008

Bigfoot eh? Check out these videos. The first video is of Biscardi talking about โ€œthe findโ€ on FOX News of course.

Looking forward to tomorrow.

14 08 2008

if it real, whomever murder the creature should face criminal charges. killing a animal just to prove it existance is murder.

14 08 2008

OOPS. I should have checked here, first. I just sent this to you in email.
I should have known you’d be on top of this breaking story!

15 08 2008
Big Announcement Afoot « Joe Lance Online

[…] the case, Newscoma has all your Bigfoot […]

15 08 2008



15 08 2008

Ok if the the body is supposed to be in Ga. Why did they fly all the way to Palo Alto to do the press conference?

27 08 2008
jessica tadley


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