Martin Plant To Close

12 08 2008

We got the call from an upset employee who said that she was losing her job. A plant that has been around for most of my life is closing. My grandmother worked there for awhile when I was a child.

Another call came in. My cell phone started ringing off the hook. The employees at what is called Martin Manufacturing but really goes by the name Fecheimer, thought they were going to be negotiating some issues in their contract.

Instead, it was more of “we are closing in 60 days.”

Another 150 jobs lost in an area that has already lost several plants. The factory makes uniforms and is what we call a “needle and thread” plant.

It was the last of them here. We are supposed to get the “official” word today but the employees told us yesterday afternoon. There were tears and fear of what will happen next. Somebody may be able to pull something out of their hat here but I’m not optimistic.

The company is owned by Berkshire Hathaway whose CEO is Warren Buffett. Fecheimer was founded in 1842.

This is just another huge loss for this community.




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12 08 2008
Planting The Seeds Of Economic Collapse : Post Politics: Political News and Views in Tennessee

[…] another plant has closed in rural Tennessee: We got the call from an upset employee who said that she was losing her job. A plant that has been […]

12 08 2008
Freaky Weasel

Things are tough all over. On a brighter note, I make a number of business calls around TN and machine shops are doing well overall.

I know nothing of economics but I take it as a good sign that businesses are buying these durable goods.

Too bad I don’t own a machine shop.

12 08 2008

I also notice over at ACK’s place that China has just become the #1 manufacting country on Earth. I noted there that since Manufacturing is the base upon which a middle-class economy is founded, the GOP has finally gotten what they have always wanted for the US: third-world status that they can easily exploit.

Not, mind you, that Tanner is much better.

13 08 2008

I was thinking not too long ago that only one, two, maybe three at most of the plants that were around in my home counties when I was growing up are still around.

Of course, there’s still DuPont and TVA but those are kind of a whole different animal.

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