Barack Obama Get’s His Rick Astley On

11 08 2008

Stolen from Xark. This made me laugh.

Also, I am the world’s worst dancer and yet I’m still better than Barack.




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11 08 2008

I can’t believe someone took the time to find clips of Barack saying each word, cut it, splice it together, and set it to music, and I can’t even manage to get one blog post up per day.

11 08 2008

newsy – I hope you sing better too. 🙂

11 08 2008

Heh.:) Naaah, I ain’t no singer.
I clogged once but that’s about it.

11 08 2008

I’m with Kelliente. Where do people find time to do this stuff?

11 08 2008
Paul V

well if is confirmed Obama can’t handle that 3am phone call,
Answering machine going to be picked up,, saying he on Vacation!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When he come back he will make sure Flip flop twice as much to make up for lost time, to his people, voting for and and then to top it off, He will give all his Voter a great speech
His Obama will make everything Better speech’s So all those simple Minded fools feel better about them self,, ,Oh I am sorry, Not simple minded Fools ,,, Obama Supporters,
What is weird about Barack supporter are half of them believe in that rock star reality tv image,, what a joke the other half Really think he is the Messiah,
I heard Keith Oberman from MSNBC Tabloid News ,,Filmed Barack Obama walking on water,, curing the sick,,, and fixing the budget,, on every state,, Film at 6pm

11 08 2008

Frank Strovel totally Rickrolled me on Twitter last night with this piece of work.


11 08 2008


12 08 2008

“Also, I am the world’s worst dancer and yet I’m still better than Barack.”


12 08 2008

This election cycle is becoming hilarious.

12 08 2008

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12 08 2008

Fortunately, there’s always somebody with too much time on their hands.

I got Rickrolled to this by Oliver Willis.

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