Another Political Scandal For Mabel

11 08 2008

Mabel was found in a juke joint.

And Harleys? When did she start riding Harleys?

She’s smiling being out of politics.




9 responses

11 08 2008

When asked by a reporter why her tongue was hanging out in all of those pictures, the former presidential candidate replied, “It’s slobber you can believe in. Woof!”

11 08 2008

I think Amy Winehouse is out of rehab now, they can probably save a place for Mabel. Can’t promise the paparazzi won’t follow her tho.

11 08 2008
jane q. public

I wonder if she started any brawls…

11 08 2008

I need an “I love Mabel” button I can push whenever you post about her to save me the trouble of typing it.

11 08 2008
chez beziat

I’d vote for her. Because I’d have a beer with her. One of us. One of us.

11 08 2008

Oh boy. My candidate is hitting the bottle again.

12 08 2008

Chez–I think she’d make a good “write-in” candidate, myself.

12 08 2008

Mabel is also blatantly flaunting helmet laws, too. Though I don’t know if you have those anymore.

12 08 2008

Please tell me she was on the Harley *before* she had the beer. Or that she was riding pillion.

I am assuming that she poured one out in honor of Isaac Hayes. And did a little dirty-dancing to Sam & Dave’s version of “I Thank You.”

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