Bob Costas’ Toupee

10 08 2008

Squegee Monkey won the New York State Gymnastics category for All-Around and as you read this, I’m sure you realize that I don’t know what I’m talking about.

But he did. For a little guy, he’s a strong as an ox. And I like to give him a hard time about Boy Gymnast outfits and that he used to put his carcass in one. He rolls his eyes and tries to enact some sort of selective hearing but I am persistent.

And it’s the Olympics so I have to ask him gymnastics questions. It annoys him to no end but I do it anyway.

As we were watching some dudes spin on the high bar, I asked him if he could do that back in the day before the gray set in.

“Yes,” he said cutting his eyes to me.

As I continued this game as I had a Miller Lite (or four) and he was downing a Guinness (or four) and it was bringing me a temporary, mindless diversion, Bob Costas came on the tube and we both did a spit take.

What was going on with Bob’s hair?

Squirrel Queen, who was taking a rare and brief break from her maddening sports schedule last night, said “I’ve always wondered if he was rocking a toupee? I guess he is.”

Our interest in gymnastics was gone. It was all about Bob’s hairdo.

Now I have no problem with toupees or hair extensions. They fascinate me.

My only question is why did he go for the Moe Howard look?

So I went here.

Lo and Behold, it was well known that Costas wears a toup.

Who knew.

I didn’t.

Another meaningless observation from Newscoma.




18 responses

10 08 2008

I had the same thot re: Costas during the opening ceremonies. Terrible rug. Whatever’s underneath can’t be that bad.

10 08 2008

It’s like he switched to a new rug and he’s still trying to break it in. HIs old piece was much better.

10 08 2008

Last nite, between movies, I saw Costas and instantly thought of your tweet about his hair. I think I audibly said “crickey! she’s right!”

With all his money, a bad rug is inexcusable.

10 08 2008

Indeed, if you have the dough-re-mi, buy a good rug.

Ron mentioned last night on Twitter that it might be for HD television.
I immediately thought “I’m going to have to go steal me one right now.”

10 08 2008

Heh. I grew up in St. Louis, back when Young Bobby Costas (as he was called on KMOX) was only a voice on the airwaves. He did an extended sports wrapup at midnight, and then he and the extended news wrapup at midnight guy did a general-talk call-in show. This was after he had been brought to town right out of college to do play-by-play for the St. Louis Stars of the NASL. They didn’t last; he did. But to this day, I can’t really visualize him. When he’s on screen, even on his own show, my eyes sort of turn off and I drift back to the days when I listened to him and Jim King as I was falling asleep. Does he really have a bad toupée these days? I’m gonna have to pay attention.

10 08 2008
Great Post!

Holy Moly, I thought it was just me. So I Googled “Bob Costas Toupee” and your website came right up. You could see his short real hair on the sides sticking out over his ears from the toupee! I mean, that was Elton John bad. And the color — I don’t remember Costas EVER having deep brown hair. Way to pick a totally odd color to draw attention to the rug. Wow. What a bad wig.

10 08 2008

Awwwwww, this breaks my heart. And shatters not a few of my fantasies. Next you’ll be telling me William Shatner wears fake hair.

10 08 2008

Shatner in a wig?
never 🙂

10 08 2008

Oh my god, I am so glad I am not alone about this. How many people were so totally distracted by the toup, that you can’t bring yourself to watch and listen to this guy. Before this whole Toupee thing, I used to think he talked too much just to hear himself talk and that was annoying enough. Now with the Toupee I can’t even concentrate or come up with a cohesive thought. The only reason I can come up with, regarding his sudden toupee change is the one he was using previously didn’t get passed the airline security in China. Hence plan B the darker one from 10 years ago.

11 08 2008
Bobblehead George

I’ll be honest here, Bob Costas is legendary in my business. I didn’t realize he was faking it up top either.

Hey, I hear you’ve been to Nashville recently. Next time you come, I’d like to go back to Hoots with you. Maybe you could snap some pics for my travelogue website.

Hate to do it, but I gotta run.

11 08 2008

It would be my pleasure, Bobblehead George.

11 08 2008

I didn’t know he had a toupee either. Wow.

11 08 2008
John I. Carney

Actually, as funny as this whole discussion is, I had a former editor who had been a sportswriter for years for the late and lamented Nashville Banner. He sometimes told the story of meeting Costas at some sort of baseball function (I want to say an All-Star Game) and having a terrific conversation with him. My former editor, of course, asked to see the Mickey Mantle card that Costas carries in his wallet.

Anyway, the real point of the story is this: as my editor and Costas were talking, a legendary baseball player walked by — someone like a DiMaggio or a Willie Mays, although I don’t recall exactly who. What impressed my former editor was that Costas, who could easily have tried to get this person alone for a private conversation, was extremely gracious and went above and beyond introducing my former editor and keeping him involved in the conversation. My former editor left feeling that Costas had lived up to his nice-guy image and then some.

12 08 2008
billy bouy

A Chicago Writer here asked the same thing about Costas—-“Whats with the hair”?. Interesting the comments folks sent in to him as well.

15 08 2008

I have a tremendous amount of Bob Costas as an analyst, color commentator, whatever. But I lost so much of that after seeing that glop of brown fur on his head. Either he’s coloring it WAY too much or he does indeed have one of the worst tupees ever. He needs to fire his stylist. He looks more mature, but his hair is definitely not keeping up.

18 08 2008


20 08 2008

Wow OK I can get past the hair after 12 days but not the eyes. Starts out with these BIG large eyes and now after 2 weeks they look normal??? Whats up. Too much Botox? Please don’t let me be the only one who thought this……

28 08 2008

My wife wanted me to find out whether he was wearing contacts which changed his eye color. She swore he had blue eyes one night and brown the next.

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