Feel Good Friday

8 08 2008

A little larceny from AC/DC this fine Friday morning.




7 responses

8 08 2008
Katherine Coble

Ahhh…I feel better already! But, really, Angus’ teeth are disturbing me in this…

8 08 2008

Aren’t they weird?
I didn’t remember them quite that way.

8 08 2008

The man can certainly afford caps!
I agree with what Kat said!

8 08 2008
Squirrel Queen

I think he bought those teeth from a bubble gum machine. Obviously that 50 cents would have been better spent on dental floss or something. Freaky

8 08 2008
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8 08 2008
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8 08 2008

I join the growing chorus commenting on the awfulness of Angus Young’s teeth, but the man can kill that guitar.

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