Dear John Edwards …

8 08 2008

You are an idiot.

Liked you, but you so screwed up.

AND, the National Enquirer broke it?!!?


I expected more from you.

Your message was good. Your wife has cancer.

What was little John Edwards thinkin?

Men are weird.

Updated: People make mistakes but I’ m irritated with John tonight. Big time.






8 responses

8 08 2008

Apparently, the MSM gave Edwards a pass for quite awhile.

Bloggers were on it for almost a year.

8 08 2008

I’m with you, such a pathetic way to go down, The National Enquirer…..?

8 08 2008
A broad

Big John clearly was thinking instead of little john. what a total disappoint this has proved to be. again…how politicians think they can get away with it…do they not learn from other politicians mistakes? makes me wonder that the only qualification you really need to get into politics is not a law degree, but rather stupidity!

8 08 2008

Dang. I go back to people thinking they are above things.
I want to live in a cave.

8 08 2008

As long as that cave is in Davidson County, I’m down with that. I’ll spoonfeed you the news you want to hear.

9 08 2008

What will I spoonfeed you? I’m all about partnerships.

9 08 2008
Personal Reflections On Edwards Scandal « Newscoma

[…] My initial reaction about it was “Idiot Boy! What were you thinking?“ […]

9 08 2008

I can’t wait for the Maury Show to get involved. Maybe Elizabeth Edwards and whatshermistress can get in a catfight.

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