Brett Favre

7 08 2008

I don’t know why Brett Favre has become a raging egomanical bundle of manwaste in the last few months (although he’s been handcuffing the Packers during the last few years in every off-season) but I think this entire situation was a wake up call for fans of any sports organization.

It’s a job. It’s money. It’s ego. And it’s privilege.

Fans are loyal. Players are not and, quite honestly, they don’t have to be. They are paid to be robots on the field.

Favre is a great quarterback. Why he retired then unretired then moaned like a banshee for the past few months is beyond me. He shouldn’t have retired then he wouldn’t be going through all this.

One thing about sports icons though. They want the legacy. And Favre has screwed his up, in my opinion. Favre knew that this would be a sideshow and he did it anyway.

The Packers have told him to take a hike.

Favre forgot that no one player is bigger than his team.

So he’s heading to the Jets.

My two cents.

Xark has more.




7 responses

7 08 2008

A-effing-MEN!! Geez, Now I may not bother writing about my two cents as we have the same coins.

7 08 2008

Manwaste, heh, I LIKE that. Of course, I’m a Bear fan, and I’ve thought of him like that for years, but….

7 08 2008

Brett Favre obeys not the laws of man or grammar!

7 08 2008
7 08 2008

Brett Favre has forever tarnished his legacy. I’m so glad I’m not a Packers fan because this is too much ridiculous drama. May the Madden curse live on and Favre have a crappy season.

Has he announced his retirement yet? 😛

7 08 2008

My cheesehead half-brother up in WisCANsin literally have a shrine to Favre. A SHRINE.

Me, I could not care less. He’s the one who freakin’ retired to begin with.

8 08 2008
Squirrel Queen

He botched this in a big way. I haven’t been a fan for several years now. Legendary, yes.
Egomaniacle, yes.

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