Meet Reginald Peterson

5 08 2008

Reginald, or Reggie as I like to call him, called the police last Thursday reporting that his Subway Sandwich had not been properly made. Apparently, he made a ruckus.

He was arrested for placing not one, but two calls to the police about his sandwich.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Credit: Smoking Gun




4 responses

5 08 2008

Well, foot.

All I had to do was call 911 to take down that gal at Subway last week who yelled at me to “hurry up with [my] damn order”?

That might have been more satisfying than my telling her, “Honey, choke on it” and walking out.

5 08 2008

He looks entirely too much like Michael Irvin for my comfort. Was he arrested wearing an 18-button neon green suit with a pink tie?

5 08 2008

WWJD = What Would Jared Do?
I think we all know Mr. jared gets his sandwich made exactly the way he wants it when he carries his skinny hiney into a Subway. Shouldn’t I expect the same excellent service when they put those banana peppers on my turkey sub?
If not, I’m gonna dial up the po po and you will give me extra onions, by golly.

7 08 2008

Awww, but he looks so sad. He really wanted that sandwich.

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