It’s Hot In Hell

5 08 2008

I have no idea if this is true or where the hell it came from but I think it’s funny nonetheless.




6 responses

5 08 2008

Very funny! Loved it, probably not true, but funny anyway. 🙂

5 08 2008
jane q. public

It appears to just be a joke – this one has made it to my inbox at work a couple of times.

5 08 2008

Thanks Jane.
Still makes me giggle.

5 08 2008

He’s right though, it is hot here.
If they would just give us mattresses to take the bite out of the brimstone it would help a lot.

Not enough toilet paper either.

6 08 2008
Rob Robinson

I’ve seen it before, too, but it’s still hilarious, urban legend or no.

6 08 2008

I so want that to be true.

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