Big Brother 10

3 08 2008

Big Brother has to be one of the lamest shows on television. It’s why Squirrel Queen and my friends watch it. Even Stewart joined in over the past few years and our friend Trudy even has a point system where we compete with other people.

I’m not as into it as some of the others but we have some fun watching the hamsters. I abandoned it completely this winter because, in a word, horrible.

Ahh, it’s still terrible but the house is filled with strangers this time and that makes for better stupid.

Let’s talk a bit about Jessie, the narcisexual bodybuilder who is one of my votes as the least intelligent contestant in the history of the Americanized version of this show. Filled with a big dose of a God complex, the boy thinks he’s wicked smart. Umm, he’s not. He’s about as wise as a bowl of Lucky charms. Last week, he preened and yelled while Squirrelly and I watched, laughing at the burning dumbs. This guy is a tool.

On to the ongoing porn show going on the feeds. I don’t have the feeds (I did one year but it wasn’t too exciting.) We have the showmance of April, the diagnosed OCD girl, and Ollie, the preacher’s son whose dad asked him not to embarrass the family on television. OMG, they have been intimate more times than John Holmes. And cameras be damned.

My momma would have killed me. KILLED ME if I had done something like this. I have a feeling Ollie’s dad isn’t going to be too happy with him.

And then there is 75-year-old dude named Jerry who, in a word, is creepy. But he doesn’t take any crap from anybody so I guess he’s got that going for him.

Personally, I like Renny, the hairdresser from New Orleans, who makes me laugh and is playing the “game” pretty smart.

I don’t know why we are watching. It’s completely mindless watching people act so evil and petty.

Yet we do.

Pop culture is sometimes a heavy burden to carry.




3 responses

3 08 2008

I don’t know why we are watching. It’s completely mindless watching people act so evil and petty.

if you’re like me, you’re watching only because your netflix movie didn’t come in the mail and you can’t stay on the internet 24 hours a day.

Every time I watch BB10 I feel my IQ drop. To my brain cells, it’s the visual equivalent of doing massive loads of crack.

3 08 2008

Beth, that’s about how we feel.

6 08 2008
Rob Robinson

It is lame, but I still watch it. I’m hooked on the lameness. 😉

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