Newscoma’s Plan For World Domination

2 08 2008

In my quest for fame and fortune (well just a livable wage would do) without throwing a rabid raccoon at one of the Spears sisters, I’ve decided I need one of two things. I’m too much of a pacifist for that anyway.

One is that I need a challenge that is inspirational and not tedious.

The other thing is that I want to move Newscoma to a dedicated domain after some summer mentoring/advice from some dear blogger friends.

I don’t know how to do that, honestly, so if anyone can help, let me know. I’m a poor person so be kind.

I will buy you beer though and give you a puppy. Just not Mabel as she is getting older.

Maybe we can barter something. You can have Squirrel Queen and Badger Beth for the day. Or I could rent you a monkey.

Sound good?




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2 08 2008

I can help, it’s not really that difficult. I put together HE on my own, granted we’re going to pay for a makeover, but it got us to this point with few issues.

2 08 2008

God bless you. When I get home from my overnight trip, I’ll send you an email about what I’m wanting to do.


2 08 2008
John I. Carney

I have my hosting with Total Choice Hosting and my domain with GoDaddy, and I’ve had no particular problems with either. However, WordPress has a list of recommended hosting providers at their web site:, and some have auto-install of WordPress, which would be nice.

If you learn anything new and noteworthy about the process between now and Sept. 18, please let me know — I’m teaching a two-night, four-hour class on blogging at Tennessee Technology Center at Shelbyville.

2 08 2008

Will do and thanks!

2 08 2008

I’ll bring a 6 pack and hold the wires up while they get in there.

2 08 2008

It’s a deal!

2 08 2008

Any help you need, you got it. It’s not too tough though a couple of hours and a few beers and you’re done!

2 08 2008

Sadcox, you are one of those mentors I mentioned.
Thanks dude.

2 08 2008

I’m in the process of moving to my own servers (still feeling my way along…) and so far have found the Knowledge Base and bulletin board community very helpful in getting through the parts of the process where I suffer from inexperience. Their prices are good and a lot of the higher level tech stuff is done for you, in the background, so you don’t have to deal with it, but if you WANT to play in AcronymLand, you can.

I’m not done yet (I’m hoping to get everything moved over in the coming week), but so far, so good…

2 08 2008

We are all in this together. 🙂
Man, It ain’t easy but we get buy with a little help from our friends.
Good luck.

2 08 2008

Since you own your domain name, you might want to consider getting a do it yourself website with Go Daddy or Network Solutions. They are both around 10 dollars a month.

The building blocks are easy to figure out with Network Solutions,(I used it for a while and built a site for my hairdresser, and I can’t even tell you what HTML stands for–just know how to copy and paste) so you can build a nice site with several pages AND a blog on NS. I think you can do the same with GoDaddy.

I’ll be doing that myself when I have some time.

Since you mentioned, check out their do it yourself templates.
The price is right.

2 08 2008

Thank you.
You’ve been wonderful.

2 08 2008

I don’t know anything about it, but I’ll swing by in a Bigfoot suit to hand-deliver sushi if you want to take a break.

4 08 2008
jim voorhies

Check out prices of several possible hosts. I use BlueHost and know several even geekier than I that use LunarPages. I just couldn’t bring myself to use a host that advertises with boobs.

4 08 2008

What is Lunarpages?
Wow, I’m stupid. I need a life coach.

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