Tennessee Political Blogs Marked As Spam

1 08 2008

Left Wing Cracker, Sharon Cobb and Vibinc are all reporting that they were marked as spam yesterday.

LWC has a thread over at his house about what happened.

And I don’t think my liberal blogging buddies won’t come out swinging because they don’t think this is a coincidence. Pissed might be the most accurate word.

We’ll see if more were reported as spam.

UPDATED: Blue Gal has a more comprehensive list which includes Skippy the Bush Kangaroo, which Sharon reported over at LWC.

It’s apparently happening to different kind of blogs on both sides of the political aisle.

Also Tom Guleff has been locked out according to LWC.




7 responses

1 08 2008

Google/Blogger needs to do something about that spam button. I have long thought that was mayhem waiting to happen. Maybe since this affected so many people they will take a look at it and revise the system, as it is it’s stupid.

1 08 2008

I”m still locked out. It’s been over 24 hours.

1 08 2008

Jeez. That ain’t good, my cyber friend.

1 08 2008

As soon as I posted, I came back on. (Murphy’s Law!) Did you once tell me that there was a problem with accepting advertising or posting it with WordPress?

If not, I have to look at changing.

1 08 2008

WordPress.com doesn’t take ads. WordPress.org does. Yikes.

2 08 2008

I hate to ask the obvious, but I have to. Why doesn’t WordPress.com take ads????

2 08 2008

I sent you an email. 🙂

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