Feel Good Friday

1 08 2008

I’ve posted this song before Feel Good Friday’s inception but it’s just so good that I had to do it again. It’s The Seatbelts playing Tank. The Seatbelts are amazing.

This is Jazz at it’s best from Japan.

It was the opening theme for Cowboy Bebop.



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1 08 2008

This is just an awesome song. Thanks for picking it today.
I love it and I love Cowboy Bebop. And that’s saying something when you realize how little I like Anime.

1 08 2008

Cowboy BeBop was the best thing ever. Nothing can compare.

1 08 2008

you know Cowboy Bebop will be on tonight for the Old
School Adult Swim lineup. Set your timer for 10:30 and be ready to stay up late.

1 08 2008
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1 08 2008

Wow, Yoko Kanno doesn’t look anything like I thought she would! Still, for this, you win Feel Good Friday.

1 08 2008

YAY!! What do I win? 😉

1 08 2008
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1 08 2008
chez beziat

This is serendipity, right? I’m vague on the definition.

Four minutes ago, I had never heard of Cowboy Bebop. Three minutes ago, I read about Keanu Reeves in a live action movie of Cowboy Bebop. Two minutes ago, I looked it up on YouTube. One minute ago, I saw this post by you.

I was meant to know about Cowboy Bebop.

2 08 2008

And I think you will love it.

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