Automobiles Industry Vs. Oil Industry

1 08 2008

Random thought:

I wonder when lobbyists for the automobile industry are going to start rattling cages with the lobbyists for the oil industry.

Just wondering.




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1 08 2008

Without looking any of it up, I’d bet a lot of the same people sit on the boards of both. I could be wrong though…just a guess.

1 08 2008

Hadn’t considered that. But with car profits down and gas profits up, I wonder if they will choose a camp.

1 08 2008

Profits may be up, but margins are down. Cost of doing business is rising for them too.

Plus the car companies can always retool to other power sources. The fact that they own all the technology and haven’t converted by now makes me suspect they are going to help out their oil buddies for as long as they can.

1 08 2008

Good point.

1 08 2008


Dressing up like Bigfoot and throwing darts at zombies while drinking beer in a juke joint sounds like a good remedy to all of these ailments.

Provided said juke joint has plenty of Patsy Cline and Ray Price on the jukebox–nickel a song.

1 08 2008

It doesn’t matter if they all team up, Emilio Estevez will be there with Yeardly Smith to machine-gun any stray runaway big rigs.

1 08 2008

Ron, that made me seriously LOL. Phenomenal knowledge.

Best dialog from Maximum Overdrive:

Emilio: I got eggs on!
His Boss: I don’t give a ladybug! Git in here!

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