Big Brother Mashup

31 07 2008

In a moment of complete and utter shame, I have to admit, with the knowledge that my coolness ratio will fall through the toilet more than it already has, that I’m watching Big Brother again. I quit it last summer and didn’t watch the freak show that was this winter’s version. I just didn’t care.

But I picked it up again mainly because of contestant Rennie. She makes me laugh.

Of course there are a thousand reasons not to watch this show but then again, I am. Sue me.

This has been the funniest season I’ve seen. No stupid plot twists or exes. Just a bunch of narcissists living in a house gaining 7 minutes of fame.

If you watch BB10, this will make you laugh out loud.

For my buddies Trudy and Chris.

Video montage credit here.




2 responses

31 07 2008

You know what New Orleans fans we are. We know a hundred Rennys.


31 07 2008

omg. i snorted

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